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Timbaland Production Discography Rate - FINAL REVEALS [WINNER + RUNNER-UP]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by KingBruno, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Yeah, it is cute, but shhhh it's that kind of talk that will have the haters gunning for it even harder.
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  2. Well, my favourite JT full track in the rate was Mirrors so the rest can indeed go but I still prefer the LoveStoned/I Think That She Knows interlude over almost every Nelly Furtado song here (although the songs overall of Nelly's are stronger).

    If we must lose Nelly at this point, take Promiscuous and Give It To Me (solid at least 8s anyway)
  3. It's not like they can retroactively torpedo it or anything!

    Have we thrown out 'All Good Things' yet? Because zzzzzzzz.
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  4. Hmm. As long as you didn't give a certain Justin song a horrible score. I'm anxious for "My Love," one of the best songs in the competition. If that one goes before "Do It," honey, there's a big storm brewing.

    "SexyBack" can leave.
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  5. Yeah and no, SexyBack is another one that needs to be in the Top 10.
  6. It's not even in the top ten of the Justin songs in this rate.
  7. I'd like to address that the Nelly Furtado cull has to end now.




    Nelly Furtado - Do It
    Score: 7,761290323

    Highest score: 11 x 1 (@DJHazey), 10 x 3 (@KingBruno, @AshleyKerwin, @slaybellz)
    Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@kermit_the_frog)
    My score: 10/10

    Such a mess! "Do It" is one of the most interesting songs on Loose if you ask me. The sexually suggestive lyrics – which are inspired by the self-assured female sexuality of the '90s hip hop – come over as genuine which doesn't happen often in songs with thematics like these.

    This song truly shows off Nelly's general variability in music genres – hence why it's an album essential. The combination of her puckish falsetto over Timbaland's synth splashes work and bring some sort of 1980s vibe with it. It's lively and sounds nostalgic, plus I'm absolutely in love with that keyboard solo which is introduced in the middle eight!

    The song has a leading influence of dance music from the '80s and sexually suggestive lyrical content. Together with a remix featuring Missy Elliott, it got released as the fifth single from the album in North America in July 2007. "Do It" received a mixed reception by critics, mostly due to the explicit lyrics. It became Nelly's lowest peaking single on the Billboard Hot 100; the song got more success in Europe. In January 2007, it got revealed that Timbaland plagiarized the synth line that can be heard throughout the song from a track by Finnish demosceners.

    GhettoPrincess (8) rightfully calls it a "Breezy bop." londonrain (7,5) doesn't mind it either: "In the context of the splendid Loose album, this was a bit dull, but on its own it's a perfectly serviceable song." I mean not every song can be a "Say It Right"! I just really like the specific sound that "Do It" has in comparison with the other tracks of Loose.

    (9) thinks it deserves more attention: "Underrated bop as far as her discography goes." I can't disagree with that once looking at the placement in this rate. Heaven on Earth (7,5) won't forgive Timbo for the plagiarism though: "While not nearly as interesting as the other Nelly Furtado solo tracks in the running here, it is still quite good. This song is mostly known as being part of a very notorious plagiarism case where it was alleged that Timbaland stole the melody from another song and then added a bass beat, and having heard the original (“Acidjazzed Evening” by Janne Suni), I can agree that it was definitely stolen. In my book, that does detract major points from Timbaland. However, the 7.5 still remains as it is still a good track from Loose." I don't see how a stolen beat would subtract points. It's doesn't make it less a bop!

    (10) probably forgot about this being a single in North America: "JUSTICE FOR THIS! This should’ve been a single. I can already picture an elaborate, Marie Antoinette styled baroque mansion music video." Does that fit with an electroclash record? Speaking about the music, ohnostalgia (9,5) is "Loving that vocal production."

    We end with poor DJHazey (11) who loses his perfect score undeservedly before the top 20: "This was hard because I've never given Say It Right my 11 in a rate even though I've had a couple of opportunities now, but the two songs are both 11s in my heart. I've never had the chance to quantify my love for Do It in a rate before though. The entire song is incredible on all levels, but I honestly think I hear God whenever the middle eight comes around. I think I've even cried a couple times listening to it simply from the power of the song and not necessarily having an emotional moment in my life or anything. It's such a beautiful song and I think sometimes I don't believe it's real what I'm experiencing and I become overwhelmed by it all. This may sound cheesy as hell but it's real." I can't believe that this position has actually happened!

    The music video was co-directed by Nelly Furtado herself and Aaron A. Nelly actually does some choreography! It premiered on MuchMusic on 13 July 2007, and on MTV's Total Request Live on 1 August 2007. It achieved number one on VH1's VStop Top 20 Countdown, and became her most succesful single on that chart.

  8. A bloody criminal murder committed by Jack The Ripper, this cut!
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  9. Well, now it's underrated. Way to go, guys!
  10. #24


    Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew
    Score: 7,790322581

    Highest score: 11 x 1 (@send photo), 10 x 8 (@kermit_the_frog, @Heaven on Earth, @LE0Night, @Jwentz, @iheartpoptarts, @Conan, @Serg., @Petty Mayonnaise)
    Lowest score: 1 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)
    My score: 6/10

    I did this wrong, didn't I? I'm sorry @send photo, I know you're not going to be happy with this reveal! I'm not going to lie, I do realize how important this song was and still is for Timbaland. This was a song that introduced Timbaland to a more commercial world; he really gained more popularity after the release of "If Your Girl Only Knew". The thing with this song is that I expected both singer and producer to give us something more ... special. But hey, maybe my taste in music is just bad!

    The song was released as the lead single from One in a Million. It received a re-release in 1998 as a limited edition double A-side single together with "One in a Million" as the other single. "If Your Girl Only Knew" is one of the first songs that showcased Timbaland's gift in producing.

    iheartpoptarts (10) brings us back to the 1990s: "The whole 90s teen R&B star era was kind of amazing, wasn’t it?" The same counts for teen-pop! ohnostalgia (7,5) mentions "Stupid fuckbois." Who needs them?

    Heaven on Earth (10) compares the track to Lady Gaga because reasons: "Five minutes of coolness. Honestly, it deserved to be a number-one hit. I can only imagine living in the ’90s, how fresh this must’ve sounded amongst all the Babyface tripe. Not only did this song foreshadow the peak of Aaliyah’s short life and career, but this song immediately put both Aaliyah and Timbaland into an echelon of musical coolness. There’s a pulsating beat that at times reminds me of a mellower version of Lady Gaga’s phenomenal “Paparazzi.” Unlike the lyrics of “Paparazzi,” which suggests Gaga’s deranged love, Aaliyah refuses a guy’s deranged attempts to get her into bed. “If Your Girl Only Knew” is really one of Aaliyah’s best songs." Interesting!

    At last, send photo (11): "All right y’all this is my favourite Aaliyah song and if it’s not even top 10 there will be hell to pay. It is sleek. It is sinister. It is everything Aaliyah represented: street but sweet. I love that she was already teetering with dark undertones so early in her career." I shall run if I were you, @Untouchable Ace.

    Aaliyah has a clique in the video. Missy Elliott, Timbaland, 702, 'Lil Kim and her brother Rashad have cameos. The director of the music video is Joseph Kahn.

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  11. Sorry indeed for @send photo ! Some JT songs needed to go before it but I never thought it would have made top 10, sorry again @send photo
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  12. I am disgusted.

    If Your Girl was a new dawn for R&B and should be miles ahead of nearly every song in this rate.
  13. What was I thinking? It obviouzly is better than my score. I guess other than the beat drop in the final minute, the production doesn't change much. that is what I was hoping for and am more used to.
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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    You can’t undo the bonds of stanning Powerless together with a gif.
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  15. I just... WTF?

    Why are we losing all of these Aaliyah songs so early? I fear for my 11.
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  16. Well we just lost 2 amazing songs and yet "The Way I Are" and "Apologize" are still in...

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  17. I am still surprised that Do It seems to have so many people who are either indifferent towards it or don't like it. I was blissfully unaware before and thought it was universally loved. I'm just...disappointed.
  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oh? And what score would you give it now?
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The Way I Are is a bop though - Keri is amazing on it.
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    Justin Timberlake - My Love ft. T.I.
    Score: 7,832258065

    Highest score: 11 x 1 (@K94), 10 x 6 (@KingBruno, @2014, @kermit_the_frog, @Heaven on Earth, @slaybellz, @Number)
    Lowest score: 4 x 3 (@Sprockrooster, @Terminus, @Furball)
    My score: 10/10

    Fuck this. I always listen to the eliminated song before I reveal it because of the write-up, but damn – this song never fails to amaze me. Such a good choice for an 11, @K94, I know you appreciate FutureSex/LoveSounds a lot and I'm so glad I'm not the only one. This leaving so soon is an injustice!

    "My Love" is one of the few ballads that appear on FutureSex/LoveSounds, with this one containing influences of R&B and hip hop. It's more than just that though, which is a statement that can already be concluded right after that – probably Justin's best – intro comes in. The lyric "Ain't another woman that can take your spot my..." is followed up by a stammering trance-like syntheziser beat, that is an absolute highlight in Timbaland's career as well. Not long after, beatboxing and playful sound effects get added to the mix, before Justin's falsetto makes a comeback. Further, the hook introduces an electro sound that explain its hip hop influences and T.I. (who we all should know from the fantastic "What You Know") makes an appearance.

    The presence of a fade-in and fade-out is another aspect that clarifies this song's originality. The way it gets combined with the main beat – that almost sounds like it got decelerated after the recording – is pure genius.

    Some music critics stated that "My Love" was a main influence for the PBR&B (alternative R&B) popularity increasement from the '10s. Did it, for example, actually have impact on the success of "The Hills" by The Weeknd?

    It was released by Jive Records as the second single from the album on October 24, 2006. Justin Timberlake described the song as a "rock-tencho ballad". It was well-received by music critics. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, which made it his second consecutive single to do so. It reached number two on the UK Singles Chart. Pitchfork Media choose it as the best song of 2006. Many people call it a sequal to "Cry Me a River". The track won a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in 2017.

    iheartpoptarts (8) may have heard it too much: "Solid, but they probably shouldn’t have played it so much in bars and clubs at the time. People wanna bop, you know?" It isn't as overplayed as "Rock Your Body" for me. send photo (6) has to confess: "Ugh the production bops a bit okay. Take the fucking 6." That's still not much! Oh, you.

    ohnostalgia (6,5) is shading me: "I cannot believe this is what some people are stanning for... do they have ears?" Sprockrooster (4) doesn't feel it either: "I tossed this version out of my music library and replaced it with the Paul Oakenfold remix which is absolutely lit. But also nothing but blasphemy in a producer rate, so I am sorry for that Timbo. You just worked the baby sounds better before." Fun fact: one critic called Timbaland's production his absolute best!

    Heaven on Earth (10) is fascinated: "If I wrote you a symphony/Just to say how much you mean to me…” What a way to open a song. It’s brash and egotistic and sets quite a high pedestal for the remainder of the song. JT exceeds those expectations. For this rate, I listened to the single version of the song on YouTube and it had 1444p quality. The song absolutely sets off. Timbaland’s perfectly accentuates the song while emphasizing on JT’s R&B/hip-hop leanings. It’s just perfection that I never thought he could ever make. In fact, this was one of the three choices for my eleven and while it didn’t make the cut, it came insanely close. The moment I heard this song, I knew there was a reason for his existence in the world and I knew he would never top this in terms of greatness. It seriously annoys me how “SexyBack” is so much more famous when “My Love” is clearly the superior song." Delete that last sentence!

    The music video was directed by Paul Hunter and premiered on October 23, 2006. The video includes the "Let Me Talk to You" prelude that orginally belongs to the album track "Sexy Ladies". It's shot in black-and-white and has choreography in it that's in sync with the beat of the song. He performed it at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards. He also gave a performace of it on Saturday Night Live. Timberlake performed it together with Robyn Troup and T.I. at the 49th Grammy Awards. He also did the song live at the Victoria Secret Show. And of course, it got included on the setlist of his worldwide FutureSex/LoveShow tour.

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