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Timbaland Production Discography Rate - FINAL REVEALS [WINNER + RUNNER-UP]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by KingBruno, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. I always just figured producer stuff were in alphabetical order, but I also don't check booklets or anything.
  2. Shade? When I said I didn't want part of being someone most of PJ seems to hate, I didn't mean I was part of that hate.
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  3. Let's make it even worse, shall we?



    Aaliyah - We Need a Resolution ft. Timbaland
    Score: 8,193548387

    Highest score: 11 x 1 (@Aester), 10 x 11 (@2014, @kermit_the_frog, @londonrain, @Heaven on Earth, @berserkboi, @AshleyKerwin, @send photo, @LE0Night, @Jwentz, @NecessaryVoodoo, @K94, @Petty Mayonnaise)
    Lowest score: 1 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)
    My score: 6/10

    I-I don't remember giving this such a low score. Okay, it's not like I want to revoke it, but I do feel like I'm representing an unpopular opinion here. But hey, at least I'm not @Untouchable Ace!

    Despite me not being very fond of the production, I do think it's pretty unique. The song has a straggling arrangement that makes use of a start-stop drum beat, hand claps and a clarinet (which is sampled from film composer and editor John Ottman). Timbaland applied quantization to remove the inaccurancy of the beat, which gave the song a proper meter signature.

    The lyrical content discusses the cessation of a romance. The contrast between Aaliyah's and Timbaland's song text is kittenish – I'd recommend paying attention to it.

    I'm just not really into the forced strangeness. Lovely backmasking in the final chorus though!

    The song is the lead single of Aaliyah's self-titled studio album. It reached the top 20 in the UK Singles Charts and the top 30 in Canada. Yahoo! Music, then knows as "Launch", referred to it as a high-class piece of experimental R&B music.

    Most commenters acclaimed the song! londonrain (10) appreciates the famous collaboration: "This song absolutely did not deserve to flop. The combination of Timbo's production and Aaliyah's vocals is sublime." kermit_the_frog (10) thinks it deserved more regard as well: "One of Aaliyah's most underrated moments."

    ohnostalgia (9,5) must find it fascinating: "I'm mesmerized." send photo (10) is also captivated: "Queen Of The Damned ha impact." iheartpoptarts (9) gets more into the details: "The rap towards the end will never not make me think of Pokémon. I love the turn of the century." But why?

    We close with Heaven on Earth (10) who serves us a wall of text in where he highly praises the song: "Dear Lord, her vocals here! She was serving here major time! Not only is “We Need a Resolution” one of her absolute best, it’s one of the best songs of the new millennium so far. From the video which features her expressing her inner Nastassja Kinski (before Britney also famously did later in the year) to the absolute futuristic production, this song is just major on many levels. When I read that this song featured a clarinet sample from the film score of a freaking Jason Patric movie, I was not surprised that this would feature such an off-kilter choice. Really, it almost feels like this song was almost made to be as weird as possible while being as mainstream as possible, an attempt which is pretty damn near successful. Just wow. Even the lyrics (incredibly strong lyrics, by the way) are just as off-kilter for a pop song as possible. “Did you sleep on the wrong side?/I’m catching a bad vibe.” Who else but Aaliyah could have sung that so well and so convincingly and not have it be so cringeworthy. Who else could make that so deep? Who else could make that sound so futuristic? Talent, indeed." And now "SexyBack" made it further!

    The music video had Paul Hunter as the director and premiered through BET and MTV on April 26, 2001. It peaked at number 30 on MTV's top 50 videos of 2001. She wears snake skin underwear in it!

  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Let's reiterate this, shall we?

    This song absolutely did not deserve to flop in this rate (and make no mistake, for a song this good, #14 is a flop).

    Let's just remind ourselves of the 13 songs that are supposedly better than this, shall we?

    Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody?
    Aaliyah - More Than a Woman
    Aaliyah - Try Again
    Beyoncé - Partition
    Brandy - Afrodisiac
    Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River
    Justin Timberlake - SexyBack ft. Timbaland
    Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On
    Missy Elliott - Work It
    Nelly Furtado - All Good Things (Come To An End)
    Nelly Furtado - Maneater
    Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous ft. Timbaland
    Nelly Furtado - Say It Right

    It's still a great list (barring Partition), but I guess poor We Need A Resolution wasn't mainstream enough or pop enough for some of you.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Fuck that.
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  6. Oh.


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  7. Will Partition and Promiscuous actually make top 10??
  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    @Untouchable Ace, is there a reason you were handing out 1s like candy to the Aaliyah songs?!
  9. I'm disgusted that More Than A Woman has outlasted it (great song but pretty basic by Aaliyah/Tim standards).

    That's before I even get to Partition/Afrodisiac/All Good Things/Say It Right...

    We're now at a point where AT LEAST TWO of these songs have finished in the Top 10.
  10. I actually feared that would make the Top 10, so consider me pleasantly surprised.
  11. Also re: the producer talk. If you go to Wikipedia and see the list of producers I've always believed the listing order does mean that the first person had the most influence on the song.

    Both of Ashlee Simpson's songs in this rate were also 'Timbaland-first' songs.
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  12. Partition needs to go. Same with Promiscuous.
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  13. Sorry y'all I don't know why I scored her so harshly but it's safe to say I won't be lowest scorer anymore.
    This song just beat my 11 which I obviously would have liked to have reversed positions.
    I should have given Beyonce my wrath, not Aaliyah.


    I would actually like to know the placings of this rate without my scores included.
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  14. At this point, my trinity is Are You That Somebody?, SexyBack, and Say It Right and any elimination not involving those will be a victory.
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  15. Hmm but my 11 is not amongst those.
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  16. Hmm Maneater or Try Again then?
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  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Nor is mine.

    (My 11 is my second favourite song of all time, so I am really hoping it wins.)
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  18. Yes but I won't say which one. Both songs are favourites of mine though.
  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Why is this still here?????
  20. In my humble opinion the only songs better than We Need A Resolution are both of Missy's remaining tracks! Yes you read that right. I think that We Need a Resolution is Aaliyah's best of the Aaliyah tracks remaining. That being said all of her tracks remaining are 10's so.....
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