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Timbaland Production Discography Rate - FINAL REVEALS [WINNER + RUNNER-UP]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by KingBruno, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Hopefully we have no more 1s from @Untouchable Ace...
  2. Unless it is for that song we want gone? (Although truly no song here even truly deserved a 1)
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  3. Uhm, which song exactly do people actually want gone from Aaliyah?
  4. I think he's hoping for a 1 for Partition.
  5. I have Rocket a 2 but I SHOULD have given Partition a 1.
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  6. Y'all...



    Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous ft. Timbaland
    Score: 8,35483871

    Highest score: 11 x 1 (@haps), 10 x 9 (@KingBruno, @kermit_the_frog, @Heaven on Earth, @Untouchable Ace, @ufint, @slaybellz, @NecessaryVoodoo, @Epic Chocolat, @Serg.)
    Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@GhettoPrincess)
    My score: 10/10

    I think this may be one of the most iconic collaborations of the 00's.

    Okay, I know this is a production discography rate, but we just HAVE to take a moment to appreciate the lyrics. The song describes the two sides of a relationship. Nelly Furtado felt that the writing process with Timbaland was "extremely freeing" due to his distinct approach and style. That being said, "Promiscuous" is lyrically something completely else when compared to her other work. The playful attribute of the song is that the two of them actually flirt throughout in some sort of way that it seems like a text-message conversation.

    Timbaland took inspiration from '80s pop music for the production. As for the songwriting, they based it on the "strong women in control" – with a focus on the then popular female R&B and hip hop artists – from the '90s. Once paying attention to the lyrical content, you may notice a pleasable arrogant tone in Nelly's way of answering to Timbaland: "I want you on my team/So does everybody else."

    "Promiscuous" is the peak of Nelly's transformation into a more 'sexual' artist.

    The song was chosen as the lead single from Loose in North America while it was the second single elsewhere except Latin America where it was the third single, all happening in 2006. The song was well received by critics, with some stating that it was the best song of the album. "Promiscuous" became Nelly Furtado's first number-one hit in the US. It became the first number-one hit by a Canadian female singer since 1998 there. It got nominated for "Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals" at the 2007 Grammy Awards.

    Serg. (10) has a parent with taste: "This brings out so much childhood memories, my mom was such a Nelly stan." But did she pay attention to the lyrics? ohnostalgia (8,5) did back the other day and found it criminal: "This was scandalous to sheltered seventeen year old me."

    send photo (8,5) corrects the song title for I don't know what reason: "Mysterious girl*. Wherever you are. I'm all alone, and it's you that I want. Heaven on Earth (10) doesn't believe Nelly to be promiscuous: "In the early 2000s, Nelly Furtado emerged as a hippie-ish pop girl, singing songs with titles like the flower-child-sounding “I’m Like a Bird” and the hipster-like “Shit on the Radio (Remember the Days).” In 2006, Nelly Furtado reemerged as a woman who was sexual – but still prudish compared to Fergie and Christina Aguilera (which is perfectly okay, because overtly sexual wouldn’t have fit Nelly Furtado at all) – and the most memorable song – and her biggest hit ever – was “Promiscuous” with production and vocals by Timbaland. “Promiscuous” oddly fits Nelly Furtado perfectly with Timbaland, for once, actually working quite well also. This song was a perfect reinvention for Furtado, because while I will not ever believe Nelly Furtado to be promiscuous, her voice just works so well on this track and juxtaposes Timbaland’s perfectly." [​IMG].

    Now I don't like hating on opinions, but: GhettoPrincess (4): "This hasn’t aged very well." And DJHazey (5): "Never got the hype surrounding this song. Just sounds like a bunch of rambling with a lazy chorus to me." [​IMG].

    At last, here's haps (11): "I have to support my inner promiscuous gurl. The best song Timbaland ever did."

    The music video was directed by Little X and features cameos by Keri Hilson, Sean Faris and Justin Timberlake. It was the first club video for Nelly Furtado. The video premiered on MTV's Total Request Live on May 3, 2006. It got nominated for the Best Dance, Female and Pop Video Award at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

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  7. We're going to reach the much anticipated top 10 today X. But before that, y'all decided to kick out the best single from one of the best albums of all-time at #11. Is everyone excited?

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  8. Yay it's out. Now leave Nelly alone.
  9. I credit this song for teaching me what the word "Promiscuous" meant. A bop! But yeah it's about time she started losing some songs.

    Ha really? That's odd. It's not like the lyrics are derogative or anything
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  10. K94


    That Peter Andre reign just won't let up
  11. This fits Partition (but also others I know). So let me hold on that. It just better not be Aaliyah or Missy.
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  12. I was gone for one day and I come back to see "We Need a Resolution" leave at an ungodly #14? That song which is better than everything still in bar "Try Again" and "Get Ur Freak On"? WHY DID IT LEAVE? I'm going to need explanations. How is it not pop enough for you all? How can you not recognize the song's brilliancy? I didn't say a thing when Tweet left before her time in the top ten, but now I must say something. Do you not recognize our man of the hour's brilliant contributions? Nelly Furtado's "Say It Right" is going to win this thing, isn't it? It's a good song, but it'd be an even bigger injustice than "Call the Shots" winning the Xenomania rate.
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    Sexyback is going next isn't it :/

    Also 'We Need A Resolution' is one of the best productions, if not best songs here. Absolute mess that it missed the top 10.
  14. I still think Say It Right has top 3 on lock but will not win because of previous rate winner backlash and I am okay with that. I am holding to a win for More Than A Woman (I think Try Again is a bit to polarizing though it is my fave from her). At the beginning of the rate I also had hope for Missy but that ship has sailed along time ago.
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    I knew this was going to happen, it’s so fucking predictable.
  16. Yeah, not only is it R&B/hip-hop backlash that's going on, it also seems that Nelly's songs are doing better because, as good as they are, they're a bit basic compared to some of Timbaland's career highs with Missy, Aaliyah or even Justin. (I'm seriously happy that "Cry Me a River" is still in. The Gregorian chants are absolutely stunning and a genius idea.)

    How is it polarizing? It's definitely one of her most pop songs in this rate.
  17. K94


    Say It Right is incredible but it's far from the most ambitious production here - wouldn't be the best winner.
  18. People already called for it. But if it would win I would be very delighted.
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  19. I need to sit down before I faint and crack my skull.
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