Tina Arena - Love Saves

This album is absolutely sensational - her best since 'Just Me' for me. 'Cry Me A Miracle' is outstanding.
Have to strongly disagree - I'd say by far her worst album. Considering how fantastic the last 2 English albums are (Reset & Eleven). I've forced myself to listen to it 3 times and the only song I'd choose to listen to again is 'House'.

Saying that, the video for Love Saves makes it a little more decent.



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Hmmm I actually enjoyed this album and usually a whole album is a little too much for me when it comes to Tina. I do wish there were some more bombastic orchestral moments outside of the singles.

Also, I’d love her to duet/collab with Nolwenn Leroy.
My presale code never came which is annoying. Also frustrated that she is now doing English speaking shows after I got tickets to a french speaking show .


I'm a little confused now because the french date I'm going to is now a part of the Loves Saves World Tour.

Her show isn't so unique to France anymore lol