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Tina Cousins - Killing Time

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tomscott, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. WTF!!! Could she not hear?
  2. That one is really bad. I couldn’t even watch all of it. I’m guessing she doesn’t have a huge team but surely she has someone who will have spoken to her about this by now? I hope she’s okay.
  3. Hopefully it's just a case of having a few too many bevvies with T-Spoon and 2 Unlimited backstage beforehand.
  4. It sadly isn't. It wouldn't take you long to find other performances where she looks completely...wired.

    It's why I'm so surprised she's still booking gigs. She hasn't demonstrated any ability to actually perform in many, many years. It's really sad. If I was booking acts, the first thing I'd do is look up their recent gigs to see how good they are - the evidence is not on her side.

    Shame. She was so good and has 2 fantastic albums under her belt before it just kind of fell apart. She had a lot of success across Europe and Australia too, so she did well for herself back then.

    She also pulled off some brilliant vocals as a featured artist outside of her own albums, and the Sash tracks:

  5. Another one...


  6. source (1).gif

    Oh for for fuck sake Tina.

    I don't usually talk politics as it usually leads to arguments but again this is an example of not understanding what we were voting for.

    And there was me thinking with a file being attached that someone had leaked "Everlong" and "Love comes back".
  7. I didn’t think I’d be cancelling Tina Cousins in 2019 but there we go.
  8. She deserves everything then.
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  9. Someone was tipsy hahaha.
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  10. I saw her perform a few years ago when wonderful life was released. It was at a nightclub and I remember everyone making comments that she seemed out of it. But watching these recent videos it was not this bad. Obviously something is not right and she needs help. It’s really sad..
  11. Wonderful Life was good though, right! I heard Mysterious Times out and about a few weeks ago. Happy memories.
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  12. Island

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    Who was filling in for Tina here?
  13. Her cousin.

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    I hate myself for laughing at loud at this.
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  16. I've been friends with Tina on Facebook for a few years and very occasionally she'll repost this performance or reply to someone else who tags her in it, and she'll come for Sash! for misleading people into thinking it was her. She frequently says how offended she is that people think she'd be up there miming to the song, as if she's never mimed before, and even at one point talked about taking legal action.

    He has responded multiple times and they have a bit of a back and forth. Mess. But fairly amusing.

    EDIT: Just found one of her old statuses criticising the girl in the video. It's not a good look. Mammalians though? Fuck sake Tina. Proof read girl.

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  17. So this popped up in my release radar and it reminded me that Tina seems to have been removed from the versions of it.

    Do we know why?

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