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Tina Cousins - Love Comes Back

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ~Paul~, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. So, everyone knows that Tina was fabulous, and had some pretty immense singles, along with one of the best debut pop albums I've ever heard.

    But I just rediscovered this song after having not listened to it for about 3 years. Christ almighty, it's beautiful. Why PWL never allowed Tina to release this even after they parted ways is just beyond me. In my opinion this is a fucking perfect pop song. Why was it never even given to another artist?

    Tina's voice is just gorgeous on this, the chorus is amazing, and the instrumental section right before the last chorus is glorious.

    Enjoy!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC1thNVqmUI

    EDIT: I've only just noticed that my signature on this forum is the opening lines from the chorus of this song. That's been there since I registered, which was a few years ago now. I think I was slightly obsessed with this song.
  2. This came on the other day while I was walking and I hadn't listened in months. I forgot how great it is. Made me power walk a bit.
  3. Agree this is a top tune. Was it Topham/Twigg? If it was it was one of their best.
  4. I don't know anything about Tina Cousins but I clicked onto this thread out of curiousity and this song is great. What a fab chorus.
  5. Oh my, you're missing out. Tina was fabulous back in the day. Practically all of her singles were immense, and both albums were very very good. Pray is still a beast of a dance track.

    She's still gigging and is about to sign a new worldwide deal, accompanied by a full tour of Australia. She can't really sing as well now as she used to, but the songs speak for themselves.

    Oh, and so many folk don't know that she did the original version of Deeper Shade of Blue, nicked by Steps. I think there's a remix version of it on Youtube, but I have the original on an old hard drive. If I can be bothered looking it out, I'll upload it. The backing track is pretty dated, but the vocals are lovely.
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  6. Amazing song and would surely have been a massive hit. I remember her saying there were problems with the record company letting her release it. Either that or PW.
    Still a cracking song now.
  7. Great song, never heard it before! Was it never made available anywhere?

    Loved Tina, 'Live & Breathe' is just beautiful.
  8. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Agnes should cover this!
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