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Tina Turner: Wildest Dreams-Forgotten Gem Turns 25

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    In an legendary career that has now spanned no less than 7 decades, it's hard to believe that Tina Turner only has 10 solo studio albums to her name. Even then the first 4 are long forgotten by the general public and for the die hards only. The lack of more full length material from Tina is of course down to deciding to largely retire from public life and recording back in 2000 and bar a few cuts on compilations here and there, she's kept to her word. For a period of 16 years though beginning with her unexpected comeback with the Private Dancer era and it's singles, Tina would go on to release 6 studio albums and one of the biggest selling Greatest Hits albums of all time in the UK, Simply The Best (1991). All of these works would showcase Tina Turner at her best and provide some of the greatest music moments in history.

    Wildest Dreams, may just though the most underappreciated record of them all though. Originally released in Europe in April 1996 (a US release would follow later on that year with different artwork too), it was her first new material in 3 years and arguably Tina's first proper studio album for almost 7 since Foreign Affair (1989), as her last release What's Love Got To Do With It? (1993), was more a of a soundtrack for the hugely successful biopic of the same name with re recorded past Ike and Tina Turner classics. two songs of Private Dancer and 4 brand new songs. As a result, it was greatly anticipated by Tina fans worldwide.

    However, by the mid 1990's, the music landscape was changing. It was now an era that saw the airwaves largely dominated by Brit Pop, Indie, Boybands, Girl Groups and Hip Hop. None of which were Tina Turner. More over, radio stations (if not no where near as notable then as now) simply were not rushing to play new music by a woman approaching her 57th birthday. This was more notable in North America especially, and something that had seen fellow legends of the same age and era Cher and Diana Ross struggle with their own two most recent (and excellent) albums from 1995, It's A Man's World and Take Me Higher respectively. With the acceptation of Jame Bond theme Goldeneye which became a top 10 hit through much of Europe (and was essentially an add on to the album), the singles from Wildest Dreams, struggle on both airplay and chart placements, with all 5 proper singles becoming top 40 hits in the UK but not having much lasting power-something that bar a few here and there, had not really been a problem with her 80s and early 90's material.

    The chart placements of all the Wildest Dreams singles though, do and should not take away from the sheer quality of the singles nor indeed as the album as package for itself. A solid 12 track listen, this album saw some of the top songwriters and producers come on board to create an Tina Turner record that was right for the mid 1990's, but without losing what made her well, Tina. Alongside of course Bono and Edge from U2 who were behind Goldeneye, you had the likes of Sting, Sheryl Crow, Trevor Horn, Taylor Dayne alongside old faithfuls Terry Britten, Graham Lyle, Mike Chapman and Holy Knight. Perhaps the best track on the album for me, would be Confidential, produced to perfection by none other than the Pet Shop Boys, a song that excellently captures the magic of past Diva PSB magic for Dusty and Liza, and a real should have been a single moment.

    Although it was not a blockbuster in the singles chart, Wildest Dreams at least did the job on the album charts in Europe. In the UK for instance, it made it to the top 5 at #4 and go eventually double platinum. In her native US however, it would struggle just as much as the two recent Cher and Diana albums, stalling at just #61 on the Hot 200.

    It would be another 3 years following Wildest Dreams the world got what would it the final studio album from Tina Turner, Twenty Four Seven (1999), and whilst an album it has it's moments, it's not an fitting finale for one of the greatest music legends of all time to bow out on. As spring 2021 sees Tina back in the limelight once more for her Tina documentary and for what looks like the final goodbye once and for all, let's enjoy and re visit Wildest Dreams once more. It may not contain a What's Love Got To Do With It? or a The Best, but the album makes for an enjoyable and for me frequent listening. Of which is the greatest gift any album can offer.

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  2. Singles

    Goldeneye (UK #10 November 1995)

    Whatever You Want (UK #23 March 1996)

    On Silent Wings (UK #13 June 1996)
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  3. Missing You (UK #12 July 1996)

    Something Beautiful Remains (UK #27 October 1996)

    In Your Wildest Dreams (UK #32 December 1996)

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  4. Top 3 Album Tracks (For Me!)

  5. Album Advert and Interview Promo

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  6. Tina at Top Of The Pops!

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  7. Oh. My. God. Whatever You Want is IT. I was transfixed from the moment I heard it in 1996. And that video is the dogs.
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  8. Indeed, it really is such a moment, just excellence all round. Top 10 Tina for me, if not top 5!
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  9. This remix edit of Whatever You Want, is just genius too, another great mix by Todd Terry!
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  10. Oh, so the Missing You cover was the fourth single release? It was the track that got most radio airplay here in Spain so I assumed it had been the lead single (excluding Goldeneye).
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  11. If you exclude Goldeneye, it was the 3rd and it was the most successful again if you exclude Goldeneye. It's a fantastic cover too, Tina puts her mark on it and then some.
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  12. Yes, I do remember really enjoying it on the radio back in the day, she really made it her own. Especially considering the original was not that old then, had been huge and was still remembered.

    Sorry, I'm only a casual Tina fan, own a couple of comps and that's it but her singles were consistently great. Her version of I Can't Stand The Rain is another song she really made her own, love it.
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  13. I'm not overly familiar with this era but I do remember Whatever You Want and especially Missing You, which was probably my favourite single from the album (I don't include Goldeneye as it was basically tacked onto the era). I'm obviously aware of all the songs being the chart geek I am but these 3 songs are the ones that have stuck with me. After watching the documentary I'd like to get into more of her music and this, along with Twenty Four Seven feel like her forgotten eras.
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  14. Confidential is the one I keep going back to.
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  15. I don't give this album enough attention or credit. Great production and I loved that Tina pushed herself. I mean, covering Massive Attack? Brilliant. And I wish she did more stuff with the Pet Shop Boys.

    It's weird to think that Missing You was only 12 years old at this point. Great cover. And I love that she coveted a song from her comeback year.

    It wasn't very successful in North America but Oprah gave the tour lots of publicity.
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  16. Same here, I adore this album all round (my second favourite of hers following Foreign Affair) but this song really is the one if truly had to pick. It's just got something extra special.
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  17. I'm a sucker for PSB-songs-written-for-other-artists that feature some subtle backing vocals from Neil (No Regrets, for example).
  18. His backing vocals on Confidential, is one of the best things about it for me!
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  19. On Silent Wings has crept up on me to become one of my favourite Tina songs, it's absolutely beautiful. Even Sting turning up for the last 20 seconds can't ruin it.
  20. Yes, it's a rather emotional listen I think. Yet another underrated moment from this album.
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