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Tina Turner.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ScottStar, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Oh completely agree with you! The fact we’re getting anything at all after this long is amazing.
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  2. New music is probably most realistic than a new tour I agree. She made it very clear that in her autobiography that's she done with touring.
  3. So I had a look at the post on Instagram and it’s obviously a box set with a fancy lenticular cover. It would be lovely if she’s recorded one final song to put on it though.
  4. From that interview I watched with her last year hasn't her health affected her voice?

    An all singing and dancing boxset would be lovely though!
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  5. I think all round the health problems she has battled over the last few years, things have changed yes. To be honest, she's gone through the mill.
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  6. Some people on Instagram are saying it's a coffee table book.
  7. I saw that. At least she’s back in some capacity after making it sound like she was done with the entertainment business and totally retired. On top of everything else, she had some serious health scares. That would push anyone to totally put their previous careers behind them. It’s pretty amazing that she’s doing stuff again. I was surprised when we got the second autobiography. I doubt she needs the money.
  8. As much as I would love a tour I would prefer she just enjoy her retirement. She's more than deserved it.

    But I appreciate she makes occasional appearances just to remind us all she is the Queen.
  9. Sure it will be rather beautifully put together too if so.
  10. I've been planning a mega Tina boxset for a while, but I think a documentary might be beyond my abilities....
  11. There is a documentary already being filmed. I believe it’s due next year. They’ve been following her with cameras. The director was already announced, too.
  12. I love how the cover is photos from the Twenty Four Seven era. She looked amazing there especially.
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  14. I'll take two!
  15. Just me and you?
  16. I can't see many of these being bought somehow.
  17. You’ll be surprised....

    Also, it’s definitely only going to be 800 so not like it’s going to be a major loss if it doesn’t sell.

    Though, I will say, they probably should’ve made it like >500 copies.
  18. What a fantastic load of old tat! The dancing Tina thing, the bit of cloth, and the ring in an acrylic holder.... Who thinks of this stuff!!
  19. I bet somewhere Kylie is frantically taking notes on how to fleece the gays for more money for old rope... Piece of the Hand On Your Heart dress for £2500 anyone?
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