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Tina Turner.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ScottStar, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. The serviette (not even a napkin) that’s been kissed by Tina is my absolute favourite thing in this package.
  2. For that money I would want Tina to hand deliver the book before doing a performance of When The Heartache Is Over in my front room.
  3. Sold!
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  4. Same here!
  5. Ah! Now this might well be a possibility then!
  6. So it seems that if you search Tina Turner on your phone via Google, it currently brings up a picture of Ike next to her name in the search engine straight away. Weird.
  7. Click on “feedback” and report it. For some reason Ike’s wiki page is being used for her “About”, which is why it’s his face that pops up first.
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  8. I love Tina but I am glad she is getting a little push back on that price. And kudos to her for addressing it.
  9. Really pleased that they are bringing out a version of the Tina book that us mere mortals can buy!

    Wonder how much it will be?
  10. Very well said.
  11. $1k. A bargain.
  12. Popjustice!

  13. Plus shipping costs...
  14. I still can't believe that people would (even if they could) pay that much for a book. Extras aside, it's still only a book.
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  15. Being the with it and wild 28 year old that I am, am currently spending the night watching Tina Turner music videos via the Simply The Best DVD. Her back catalogue may be quite short compared to the likes of Cher, Aretha and Diana, but she more than makes up for it in quality.
  16. Tina didn't do duds.

    (1991 remix of Nutbush aside!).
  17. I actually stan that remix....
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  18. It's the outhouse for you!
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  19. That version is an abomination!
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