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Tina Turner.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ScottStar, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Poor Tina Arena....
  2. Who...
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  3. [​IMG]

    Just seen that the two above single releases for Tina's 1990 single that only saw a release in select part's of Europe, has now seen an release via digital music platforms. This is notable, as it is the first time the Shep Pettibone club remixes of the song (who'd of thought he'd even produce Tina?!) are officially available I believe since 1990, alongside the single edit of the song.
  4. Great, been looking for this for a while now! What a random release to make it to iTunes?!
  5. I know! Only found it by chance. Came out this month according to Amazon. Love things like this though, some record executive locked in their office somewhere, must know that we love random stuff like this.
  6. What a random find.
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  7. I know, glad though! All are on Youtube too, officially now of course. God I love Shep Pettibone!
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  8. Tempted to get some of these mixes. I've a Tina mega anthology in the pipeline that I still haven't started.
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  9. It would give you the single edit and club remixes after all.. I hope and wish his other rare remixes were more readily available. See the that I just posted in the Whitney Houston thread, of his remix of her flop 1991 single I Belong To You, as an example.
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  11. I've already got CD singles of The Best and Don't Wanna Lose You, so a Foreign Affair album Deluxe isn't far out of reach now.
  12. Who doesn’t love a matador in a pop video? I don’t think I’ve seen that video before. I love the song, sounds like Chris Rea could’ve written it and of course Mark Knopfler on guitar always helps. Top 5 Tina for me.
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  13. I love the song Foreign Affair. Had no idea these mixes existed.
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  14. Likewise. Probably my favourite song on the album that wasn't Steamy Windows.
  15. Foreign Affair, is a great album. Did very well for her in the UK too if less so in the US.
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  16. Right? Talk about great bookends to an album. Also, Tony Joe White being the writer of both songs helps.

    It always surprises me when I remember that The Best only made it to number 15 in the U.S. It's such an iconic song.
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  17. None of the singles did that well in the US. I Don't Wanna Fight would provide a brief chart comeback in 1993, but yes her chart days were definitely over in the US by this point.
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  18. Good find! This will come in handy for the Shep Pettibone playlist I am working on.
  19. Glad to have been of help!
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  20. Belinda teas. Funny how the end of the 80s saw a few acts lose ground in the US but almost get even bigger over here. Hello Cher too.
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