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Tina Turner

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ScottStar, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Since the pandemic, I haven't been missing live concerts as much as I thought, but the thought of seeing Tina again would draw me back.

    I'm glad I got to see her in 1993 for the What's Love tour. I think that was the only tour where she sang I Don't Wanna Fight.
  2. Tina Turner, really and truly is one of a kind and a absolute living legend. Seeing my Pop wall with vinyls framed of the likes of her, Whitney, Aretha and Donna, makes me realise even more just how we should enjoy our Divas while we can and that the likes of these talented legends are a rare bread alas these days.

    As for I Don't Wanna Fight, it's my favourite Tina song!
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  3. The Tina Turner concert shown last night was just phenomenal. So much energy and what an encore.

    Here for the BBC4 Friday / BBC2 Saturday music combo.
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  4. I agree, loving these Saturday night music legend specials at BBC2, the Tina night felt even more well timed with the announcement of the Foreign Affair re issue too.
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  5. Loved seeing the 2009 show again. I was in the audience even! Spotted some of my friends too!
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  6. Aww, bet that was a brilliant night of great memories too.
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  7. Tina's one of the few artists where I consider the live tracks almost as essential as the studio tracks... the standard of performance and energy captured in live form gives some of her songs an electrifying boost. For that reason, the deluxe Foreign Affair is a no-brainer.

    A bit gutted we're having to wait longer for the one I've really looked forward to (Break Every Rule), but Foreign Affair is a class album.
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  8. I'm really excited for the Foreign Affair re issue!
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  9. The TOTP satellite performance of I Don't Wanna Fight from Monte Carlo is brilliant, hadn't see that before.

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  10. Wish the Tina At The BBC programme, had included these gems as well instead of the more live on tour from 2000 stuff:

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  11. Last night's concert broadcast on BBC Two seemed to have been a real moment.
    Twitter was overflowing with love for Tina.
    It was a joy to see.
  12. Oh my - of course, they missed out her 'Way of the World' TOTP performance!! It's very special to me as I immediately went and bought 'Simply the Best' on cassette on my way home from school following that performance and the presenter's plug of her *new*, now legendary, greatest hits. I then became Tina obsessed. :-D
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  13. All this Tina love is making me nostalgic. I want to go back to Tennessee to see the Tina Turner Museum and explore Nutbush.

    Tina #1.jpg Tina #2.jpg
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  14. That's so cool! I love Way Of The World, lovely song, do like her more mellow moments like this must admit. Two People, Foreign Affair, Why Must We Wait Until Tonight, On Silent Wings, Whatever You Need, all gems.
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  15. I was really surprised Two People was a flop here. I know all the singles fared badly in the UK, but that seemed a guaranteed hit.
  16. That and Typical Male especially were robbed.
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  17. I love Two People. And the remixes. One of her best vocals.

    That and Break Every Rule should have been huge hits.
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  18. Break Every Rule deserved so much more. It's wonderful.
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  19. Totally agree. It's been a source of strength for me during the pandemic and my own personal challenges. It really is an inspirational song - especially coming from Tina who had overcome so many adversities.
  20. I wonder if Break Every Rule, will eventually get the deluxe treatment?
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