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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ScottStar, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. I’ve given the new remaster a listen on Spotify. It sounds exactly the same as the 1989 version. I did a back to back comparison. There’s literally no difference at all!

    Unless Spotify have put the wrong version up for the new remaster…
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  2. Whilst not quite Amy Grant Heart In Motion remaster levels from last week, I'm just glad it's not George Micheal Faith remaster levels either from the 2011 reissue, which was super low I think. The original Foreign Affair album from 1989, had quite a good master anyway overall I think.
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  3. Uh oh.

    Glad I cancelled my pre-order (temporarily) until I heard some feedback on the sound. I didn't want another Joni Mitchell-type mess.

    Heart In Motion is cranked WAY up....brickwalled to buggery... (for those that care, the DR is a staggering 6 on most tracks!)...fortunately the original production is so good that it's still perfectly listenable.
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  4. The passport in the CD boxset is sooo cute. Love the packaging!
  5. I didn’t want the sound of Foreign Affair to be destroyed by the remastering, but I expected it to sound a bit different. It’ll be interesting when someone does a proper comparison to see if the numbers are exactly the same.
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  6. I'd forgotten what a good album it is. Of its time for sure, but so many really good songs. I've not listened to it in years, so I can't really comment on the remastering other than to say that the CD sounds strong to me. I still have to put the volume a couple of spots above modern albums, so I don't think it's been brickwalled.
  7. The original CD is superbly produced/mastered. I'll wait for confirmation that the new version isn't just a barley tweaked master (hello TFF, Aztec Camera, George Michael etc).
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  8. It's a very well done put together set I think, very pleased with it.
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  9. Beautiful set! Can't wait to watch the DVD this weekend.
  10. Same here, I can't praise this re issue more if I could!
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  11. The price went down to £24 yesterday (I hope everyone gets their pre-order refund!), and I decided to go for it. Even if the remaster turns out to be negligible, there's enough material to make it worthwhile.
  12. I made my own Disc using the B-Sides, remixes and also the singles from Simply The Best era-not to mention the Rod Stewart duet too. Makes for good listening too!
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  13. Don't give me any ideas...
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  14. In my opinion, the Simply The Best songs would have made perfect editions to the set, similar era and Love Thing was even originally recorded for the album itself back in 1989, but didn't make the final cut.
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  15. I can never get enough songs from her Foreign Affair era. Not Enough Tina!
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  16. Same!
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  17. My copy arrived Saturday evening, and the quality control design-wise is surprisingly good. These days you can't assume it will be!

    Pity the outer box design isn't my thing, but the contents are really stylish inside. Looking forward to checking out the new remaster, which according to the Dynamic Range meter is just a couple of notches down (up) from the original. So no Amy-style brickwalling here.
  18. I watched the concert DVD and the album's music videos last night, and was most pleased! Nice to have an classic Tina concert to own and it was brilliant that so many of the actual supporting album's tracks were performed live too. Nice to see an decent remaster job on the promos as well. Did make me certain of one thing more than ever though. That being, that Be Tender With Me Baby, is NOT an good song nor worthy as an tour encore either!
  19. I like Be Tender, but can understand why some don’t. It’s very ‘full on’. I bet Tina really loved performing it!
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