Tinashe - 333

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Greatest living musician, Strangekin Magazine's Most Beautiful Person for 28-years running, and Light The Night Up-hitmaker Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe is likely to release a 5th studio album in the year 2021, and it'll come off the heels of the twitter memification of greatest club banger of all time "2 On".


Grammies, Number 1s, Global hits, critical acclaim... manifesting


Death and excrement to RCA forever and always


You called Tinahse a flop and now you want me to help your fave to get a viral meme hit? Interesting

Ok wait I thought I was crazy just hearing things, but that actually IS a Superlove/Unlock It mashup that's going viral on TikTok.

TikTok giving Charli and Tinashe hits in one... Strangekin Culture Winning

Yes but only Unlock It is credited so Superlove is being paid dust while Unlock It is in the Viral top 50 on Spotify and is now Charli's second most popular song in her top 5 while Superlove is nowhere to be found.

Even when we win we lose!
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