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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. A BOP!
  2. Mama's serving BUDGET.

    Is it too optimistic to hope for a visual album?
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  3. The body horror! Giving David Cronenbergnashe.
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  4. She's a high concept character.
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  5. Again, Tinashe does what the other girls can’t. Serving effort, budget and narrative on just the teasers for the album.
    The whole thing has me really stoked for what overall concept she’s going for this time. She said the album would be fun summery bops, so it’s interesting the visuals elude to something more darker and horror inspired.
  6. Tinashe could direct Naked Lunch but Cronenberg couldn’t pop his bussy on a trampoline.
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  7. She deserves it and more but... Is she already releasing a new song and video?
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  8. It seems like we're heading for an album announcement on Friday judging by the teasers. Let's hope!
  9. Double post but she's teasing that the release date is coming today. Going to assume the cover and the tracklist will be as well.

    One of the insiders from ATRL as good as confirmed that she's managed to snatch a collab with...
    Doja Cat!!!!!
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Everything about this era feels so right - this is her moment, got to be got to be.
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  11. Coming August 6th!
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  12. Oh my God, that's way sooner than I was expecting. Colour me excited!
  13. Not her serving release date AND titties! Queen.
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  14. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

  15. That's two weeks from now! I think of how amazing she must feel being free of R*A, able and allowed to reap the benefits of her insane work ethic.
  16. Christ the way I didn’t even clock the release date hint in the caption and instead thought it was a track title. Excited if it is coming August 6th!
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  17. Holy shit that's soon.

    I'm honestly a bit astounded by how much she's worked since leaving RCA to churn out content, all of which has been at least as strong if not stronger than her best material on a major label. We talk a lot about how shitty RCA is but it's pretty much felt like a weird fever dream of stan fanfiction since she released Die a Little Bit because of that two year period where it felt like she was going to be trapped forever. I used to think it was a shame she hadn't had that mainstream breakthrough 'moment' but now it feels like she's been ahead of her time for awhile and the freedom afforded to her by not having to work within label expectations has led to new creative peaks.

    Basically I'm stanning like it's 2014 and I just heard Cold Sweat for the first time. Left to her own creative liberties she simply can't miss.
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  18. The fact we're getting a 16 track Tinashe album in two weeks and we've only heard 2 songs so far... I'm ready to be FED.
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