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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. I wish I could move like that! I'd break a hip, I'm sure!
  2. She's incredible. Also, I'm pleased to confirm that playing Bouncin at full volume in the car is a truly transcendent experience.
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  3. I know that "Esther" is just a feature, but it might be my favorite track from this era thus far.
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  4. If this were the album cover…!
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  5. tea


    damn sounds the exact same as the recording, reese puffs snapped, sis
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  6. I had no idea she was doing an AMA. Not a ton of answers, but I may have Died a Little Bit at this Wildfire shade.
  7. Citing Stuck With Me as her most underrated song, she made some points on that one.
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  8. I had no idea until now that she didn't write Wildfire. I guess the label forced her to record it?
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  9. Ok but will there ever be a vinyl release of this album
  10. She confirmed it the other day. Whether we'll see it this year I don't know.
  11. I keep thinking how next week I’m starting it by getting my second vaccine dose and ending it with a new Tinashe album. Blessed.
  12. It somehow hadn't clicked in my brain that this is a week away until this post. Truly blessed.
  13. DC promo
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  14. Wildfire is great and has always felt super underrated to me so it’s a shame she doesn’t like it. But I guess it makes sense why she’s never performed it live now ddd.
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  15. I didn't realize that she co-wrote the entirety of Aquarius bar "Wildfire." It's a personal favorite of mine, so it's a shame that she hates it.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I looooooove Stuck With Me! It actually fits so well with the new stuff - a trendsetter!!
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  17. Did anyone ask her about physicals of the new album?
  18. She confirmed them already in an interview.
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