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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. CDs?
  2. No reason to think she won’t do them.
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  3. New Tinashe album in less than a week i-
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  4. Why did her caption make me cry? Ugh I love her.
  5. So proud of her.
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  6. It's been said a million times but the way she quite literally hit the ground running as soon as she got out of that contract has been so incredible. She hustles, and what's more, she does it because it's what she knows she was born to do. You love to see it.
  7. She deserves every wonderful opportunity that comes her way. I’m so proud of her growth, ambition, and determination as an artist. She’s so committed to delivering killer choreography, visuals, fashion, production, and lyricism. I quite literally don’t know a better woman! I will be welcoming 333 with open arms!
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  8. Me when Pasadena was first released: hmmm this is a nice bop

  9. Songs for You outtake that recently leaked in full:

  10. This is such a summery bop. Would have made a lovely lil bonus track or one-off.
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  11. I am so excited for Friday.
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  12. Its Summery vibe actually makes it sound like it'd better fit 333.
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  13. It sounds so much better with this DJ Mustard-esque production on a version that leaked last year. Like a grown 2 On.
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  14. I am so glad I decided to stan her all those years ago. She truly is an inspiration and I can’t wait to see her in concert for the first time ever this fall. The industry better put some respect to Ms. Kachingwe’s name!
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  15. I had no idea there is over 20 demos for The Stunners online, and they're all pretty much 95% Tinashe. It's so odd to hear her on 2008-2010 pop productions, and we definitely won with The Stunners going into oblivion ddd
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  16. More demos leaked online:
    • Purple Fever w/ Zoey Dollas (Aquarius outtake)
    • By Your Side (Joyride outtake)
    • Lean On Me (Demo)
    • Feelings (Demo)
    • Sunburn (Demo)
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  17. Is Bouncin doing anything chart-wise? I'm obsessed.
  18. It just moved up to 3(33) in her Spotify top 5.
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  19. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Apologies for bringing hateration into this dancerie so close to the release date, but the more I look at the album cover, the more I don't like it nn. Some of you mentioned it before but I think it's the lighting? The image just feels very flat when it could probably look much more dynamic and striking with a few changes.

    But anyway secure your wig sis Tinashe is coming!
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  20. So, are we getting a physical preorder of some sorts on friday?
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