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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Okay but we need the audience Academy to buy nominate the album.
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  2. “I'm looking at myself more as a legend-in-the-making, as opposed to someone who's underrated” - ugh, QUEEN SHIT!!!!
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  3. Great! Now collab Queens!
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  4. The fact we're getting a new Tinashe album tomorrow... what a time to be alive girls..
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  5. I remember Doja saying as recently as last year that she wanted to collab with Tinashe. I need it.
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  6. I can’t believe that, in less than twenty-four hours, a new Tinashe release will be upon us. Her work ethic? Unparalleled. And we’re all better for it!
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  7. Time to dive in!

    Let Go is a short intro… probably the song I’m least sold on
    X is thee bop!!
    Shy Guy has very Kelela/Rochelle Jordan production
    Unconditional is gorgeous, switches up halfway through (like 2 songs in 1). Sample of spoken content in the outro which reminds me of her mixtapes.
    333 - starts off slow, goes into more electronic production, probably the most experimental piece on the album?
    Undo - my reference points aren’t the best but definitely the most obvious single so far - almost disco in the same way Victoria Monet’s Experience is. The hooks, melody… everything so far has felt understated compared to this. Save Room For Us’ big sister.
    Let Me Down Slowly - lovely production, wonderful synths.

    So far this sounds like a more experimental progression from SongsForYou, leaning less on mainstream R&B production and fusing it with more electronic elements? Really reminds me of her mixtape eras. Really don’t think I’ve absorbed everything on one listen through though, I can’t wait for this to become part of my life over the next few months/years!
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  8. I'm gonna wait til midnight when its released but love hearing everyone's thoughts before hand.
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  9. The title track and Undo are my favourites so far, but the whole thing is masterful. The record feels like a more upbeat SfY in the best way possible.
  10. I'm on the title track and it is deranged. Everything up until this point has unsurprisingly scalped me, title track included.
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  11. MB


    I've only listened to the previews on itunes NZ but jeeze this albums slays. Can't wait for the full thing tomorrow.
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  12. Track reviews:

    Let Go is a really cool, experimental intro. Lots of playing and bending of vocals over a moody R&B groove. Honestly gives me some Snoh Aalegra vibes which I'm not mad at. It's not a completely seamless transition into the next track but they blend really well together.
    I Can See The Future remains a sexy slinker.
    X is definitely a bop, but more pop leaning.
    Shy Guy is a cool interlude with Tinashe's signature gorgeous vocals over Mario Kart Realness production. That's a compliment. Flows gorgeously into
    Bouncin' which remains perfect.
    Unconditional is a pulsating R&B track that abruptly switches into a moody, mixtape-era sounding jam complete with glitchy guitar strumming and heavy percussion. Love it.
    Angels is fucking sexy. This is way more melodic, but vocal production wise and instrumentally it reminds me a bit of Sunburn off of Nightride.
    333 is wild in the most glorious way. A highlight.
    Undo is the perfect, pulsing 80s-esque pop banger that is even more effective after what came before it. This has the obvious single feeling that Save Room For Us had.
    Let Me Down Slowly pulses the same way Love Under Lights by Dawn Richard did, which is a huge compliment.
    Last Call is a moving ballad accompanied with some beautiful string work.
    The Chase could honestly be a Charli XCX True Romance era banger ballad and it I love it.
    Pasadena is a blast of euphoria and energy after the previous suite of moodier tracks. Amazing.
    Small Reminders is hard to describe but it's really loose and free. She kind of sing raps a bit here, but this is just one where a lot of elements are really working well together to create something totally original and unique. It also has several different sections.
    Bouncin 2 Not gonna lie I was disappointed at first because it was coming across very much like it was going to be literally Bouncin just slower, but it switches up with new verses and lots of killer vocals and really explodes by the end.
    It's A Wrap is a nice coda to end the album on.

    If people are looking for more Nashe-esque bops like Link Up and Hopscotch, they won't find it here -- but that is possibly the only thing one could complain about with this album -- which is is simply gorgeous from start to finish. It's impossible to rank against her other projects because, while Tinashe has enough pop sensibilities to make her music instant, her music always benefits from repeated listening and diving more into the whole body of work. I'm wildly impressed and happy with this album. Another killer inclusion into her discography.
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  13. So, does it sound closer to Nightride in its moodiness?
  14. I just finished my first listen, and I wouldn't necessarily say so. There are definitely moody moments, but overall it's not as claustrophobic as Nightride as an album. I would say it's more experimental and laid back in its approach.
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    Edit: I love the way it transitions into "Bouncin'." She really has the mind of a mastermind, y'all.
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  16. "Angels" exists somewhere between "Sunburn" and "Yeah, I Said It" by Rihanna. Very slinky and seductive. Kaash Paige sounds lovely; she has a unique tone to her voice.
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  17. I'm about to press play on this. See you on the other side, girls.

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  18. Not to be that person, but I'mma be that person: "Pasadena" absolutely makes sense in context. It provides a needed boost of adrenaline after some heavy balladry.
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