Tinashe - 333

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I think I'd like to see The Chase as either the pre-encore finisher or a first encore kind of moment, before going into the ones everyone came to see like 2 On / All Hands On Deck.
he / him
I’m still ***flawless. “The Chase” is just the song from 333 that all the yt gays local-adjacents gravitated towards, so—naturally—I’m enjoying the disappointment stemming from its setlist exclusion, ddd.
I honestly thought that I was the only one who didn't love "The Chase." Like I saw everyone in here hyping it up, but then when I heard it, it was like "is this it?"
This would've been such a killer album cover.

Undo is actually the track that has suddenly creeped up on me and now I haven't had it off.

I do agree X should have had it's moment before it though.
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