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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. People seeing Tinashe live while in Europe we're bombarded by Ed Sheeran live dates

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  2. I know this is a 333 specific thread, but Happy 7 Years to Aquarius! Now that was a classic! It came out the very day I flew to New York on my own and soundtracked the entire trip. Ugh, such good memories.

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  3. Normally my reaction to these is already?! but with this one it was a very strong "has it only been 7 years"! We've been blessed with so much content since, and the RCA purgatory years felt like 20 years on their own.
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  4. I totally agree!
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  5. I met Tinashe! I’m gonna scream!
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  6. That is incredible. So happy for you!
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  7. Tinashe called me pretty and said she liked my hair, I—

    Also I literally passed away when she performed Soul Glitch.
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  8. That may have been the most euphoric I’ve felt in two years. Wow.

    also I felt like she was singing The Chase TO me.
  9. When I say this is the best concert I’ve ever attended, I mean that shit. She’s such a sweetheart, and she’s so endearing.
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  10. She's a star. Incredible show.
  11. Pics!
    120F7EEB-0E95-461E-ADEE-F74F162DB82C.jpeg 2F989FBC-B27A-49D9-946C-CED29B1A6BC7.jpeg F898C853-073D-4EC7-BC13-B8AAD743950F.jpeg 8EB75114-B658-4F05-BC18-9B3A9816F18E.jpeg A07C68F2-97FE-418F-9397-67EC99C85F7D.jpeg
  12. Omg I’m so jealous but so happy for you!!!
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  13. a true


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  14. I'm so excited for tonight I'm about to throw up. I've been waiting for this for over SEVEN years.

    (Lowkey furious though because I bought a VIP ticket and my friend didn't and I don't want to leave her so I'm going to miss my chance to meet her....tears.)
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  15. My friends waited for about an hour outside the venue last night (this morning!) and met her, so maybe try that!
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  16. Undo (Back To My Heart) is such a great bop! Should be a hit if there's any pop justice!
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  17. This friendship test!! Let me just say I would be failing.
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  18. The show was incredible.

    I didn't get to meet her, but I was right at the stage and she kept coming right to me and my friends because we were the most hype in the room / were singing EVERY goddamn lyric and adlib with her. You could tell she loved the energy. I'm sad I didn't get to meet her, but the show was everything I wanted and more....it was my first concert since Charli in October 2019 and it made the whole wait worth it.

    She is a fucking superstar and she has a setlist that could rival the greats.

    (She did like my tweet though which helped make up for not getting to meet her)
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  19. Seeing the show alone tonight because my boyfriend and friend that were going have tested positive even though they’re vaccinated.

    It’s my first show since before the pandemic so I’m going to have a good time regardless, damnit!
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