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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Nn not the tour being halfway over and physicals haven't even been announced yet
  2. Small Reminders is such a career highlight oh my goddddddd
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm at her show right now and it's PACKED!!!! My last Tinashe show was at the Joyride World Tour (dddd) and it was almost empty, so to see how many fans she's picked up over the years really warms my heart <3

    This album is fucking incredible, so I can't wait for the show to start. This also makes for a great first show since the pandemonium (especially since my last show before everything shut down was fucking Kim Petras in December 2019...what a mistake that was fff).

  4. CD looks gorgeous
  5. Will the CD only be legally sold through her store?
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  6. Imagine if we got this instead of Flame and Light The Night Up in 2017.
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  7. Well this is stupendous and would have an incredible follow-up to Company.
  8. I’ve only heard ten seconds so far, but this song never receiving an official release is my villain origin story!
  9. So who's gonna start the Change.org petition for this to get finalized and properly released
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  10. I just got back from her Sacramento show and it's crazy how she's the most important and powerful musical artist of all time
  11. I’m so jealous of everyone in America getting to see Tinashe! I simply must see Bouncin’ performed live before I die!
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  12. Not her effortlessly recreating this on stage as well. Queen.
  13. Where are the physicals?
  14. I’ve been chatting to some friends who have seen her this era on tour across America and they’ve all said the biggest gripe they had with the show was that Tinashe never performed Company. Aside from that, they all said it was an incredible show.
  15. She performed Company at the show I went to. She must’ve switched it out.

    I was hoping she performed Feels Like Vegas, but that might’ve been asking for too much.
  16. Justice for “No Contest!”
  17. And Stuck With Me!!!! Joyride hive stand the fuck UP

  18. I still remember seeing No Contest on this Joyride World Tour date and being so glad two years later that she didn't scrap it off the album. Justice for Energy if anything.
  19. All the footage from this tour looks fantastic and I'm glad she's finally starting to get her claws into the touring circuit and able to secure that side of her coin.

    How did tickets sell generally? They seemed like fairly decent sized venues.
  20. Most venues sold out / she added a lot of dates due to demand, so that’s a great sign for her. (Not sure about specific numbers)
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