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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Just saw this legend live in Seattle for my first concert since 2019 and she fucking killed it. I ascended to a higher plane during The Chase when the whole crowd was singing along and the trampoline routine to Bouncin was the biggest display of talent I’ve ever seen. Perfect vocals, stage presence, etc…all night.

    I also have to second what everyone said about her hot guitarist, she knows her demographic and did what had to be done. I’m so happy that she’s risen above all of the label bullshit and is putting out the music she wants and getting that touring coin. My stan card is titanium plated after tonight.
  2. yas I was there too. People got wild during the Throw a Fit/Link Up mashup (I'm people).
  3. I really need to listen to this album. I've been pretty depressed lately and when I'm in that state I find it hard to listen to full records. But Songs For You was such a rich and sonically immersive experience (so many musical moments) that I owe it to myself to dive into 333.
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  4. I was originally thinking Songs for You was her best til this came along. There's so many textures here, it just makes her a beautiful, varied body of work. "Let Me Down Slowly" has been my latest love.
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  5. To me Joyride is her best work. I didn't really like Songs For You and I wanted to love 333 but so far I only enjoy I Can See The Future. Regarding your comments I feel like I'm missing something.
  6. Praying for you!
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  7. That’s because you are! I’ll keep you in my prayers.
  8. Nn I might be one of the forum's biggest Joyride apologists and even I would rank it as bottom tier Tinashe....

    (Nightride > Songs For You > Aquarius > 333 > Joyride)
  9. Joyride is a fun record, but it’s marred by the constant delays and drama behind the scenes. When it was released it felt like it was something she wanted to get over and done with instead of a record she was super proud of, which Songs For You and 333 definitely feel like. But at least we got Faded Love, No Contest, Stuck With Me and Ooh La La from the album. That’s why I always say, even when Tinashe is phoning it in and doing the bottom of the barrel minimum, her output remains head and shoulders above any of the other pop girls on their best day.
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  10. I can hear God.
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  11. RJF


  12. But Songs 4 U and 333 are some of her best work, all the songs just work!
  13. I was wondering if I was the only one who would still put Nightride as her best! The more spacious soundscapes are pure catnip for me, it's such a sensual album.
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  14. Special mention to Amethyst, her best mixtape.
  15. My comprehensive Tinashe ranking (minus Comfort & Joy):
    1. Nightride
    2. Songs for You + Amethyst
    3. Aquarius
    4. 333
    5. Black Water
    6. Joyride
    7. In Case We Die
    8. Reverie
  16. Honestly, Amethyst is my favorite thing she's ever done. It's so focused and that last run of Wanderer - Worth It - Just The Way I Like You is god-tier.
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  17. Taste.

    I kid of course, I think there are some real highlights to Joyride and its a solid bit of work, it's also an absolute marvel she managed to pull together something at all after all the label fuckery. No Drama, Me So Bad, Faded Love and No Contest are all some real triumphs. I do feel like it's highs are on par with her other work but there are fewer of them.

    So many artists however would kill to have something as strong and cohesive as any of her albums. None of them are bad by any means, but all her others are just absolutely stacked and have such a strong vision behind them.
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  18. Amethyst is just... godly. From the art to the songs and the general hazy / rainy mood.
  19. The fact she put Amethyst together over the holidays at home in her bedroom is wild.
  20. I’m glad Amethyst gets the respect it deserves nowadays. One of her finest projects, it’s aged tremendously. Wanderer is in her Top 10 tracks ever.
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