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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

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  1. I’m struggling to figure out why she felt the need to include “I Can See The Future” in the title dddd but let me go watch 14 more times because she’s brilliant.

    And those pants were RESPECTFUL to Aaliyah.
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  2. She's so effortless and captivating with choreo.
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  3. I could watch her perform for ages. She truly eats up the camera and makes it impossible to look away.
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  4. As a beauty girlie, I’m in awe of her styling throughout the video. This video might feature some of the best looks I’ve ever seen on her! I love how the video feels like a homage to “More Than a Woman,” especially with the motorcycle scenes.
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  5. With the added bonus of “yas queen get those Bugatti coins, make those Harley hetties seethe girl”
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  6. It also gave me major Try Again vibes, especially her choreography outfit and the color palette.
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  7. These smelly male artists have butchered Aaliyah’s legacy with their shenanigans, meanwhile Tinashe is out here paying such a classy homage to the various styles and looks of Aaliyah without remixing her music, banking off her name or whatever these stupid men have been doing with Aaliyah’s art.

    The list of stannable attributes Tinashe has continues to grow.
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  8. Well, I’m fully re-obsessed with X so the video did its job.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Ddd, I am waiting a bit because X is my ringtone every morning and it's giving a bit of shock.
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  10. Her best video yet? What a serve.
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  11. The I Can See The Future parts are... so unnecessary, but she's serving regardless.
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  13. I'd love for her to release a cut with just the choreography scenes on the circle, she's such an incredible dancer.

    But then I also enjoy the low-tech motorbike scenes that reminds me of Girls Aloud's Something Kinda Ooooh in terms of budget executions so maybe we won in the end.
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  14. RMK


    She really nailed the X video. She's absolutely radiant doing choreo, and the styling is really impressive.
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  15. RJF


    "X" as a song is already this effortless, pristine 10/10 and the video only elevates that. I've honestly got the track back on a loop since watching too. The production is just so addictive.

    Miss T Nashe, please, I need a vinyl.
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  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The way she waited till 2022 to release X as a single so she could have the best single of 2021 and 2022. Her mind.
  17. Lean On Me seems to be getting some kind of boost? It's getting around 250,000 streams a day and it is the most popular song on her main page with almost 32 million streams!
  18. The video being at 500k views is criminal. Stream it once, stream it twice, stream it three times!
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  19. (Isn't this genuinely quite good for a video lifted from an eight month old album, that's been out less than a week?)
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  20. She’s been tweeting what I feel it could be lyrics…I have a feeling she might drop the deluxe soon

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