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Tinashe - 333

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Mar 29, 2021.

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  1. The music video is so fun! Tinashe giving us demonic baddie is everything. Her videography at this stage in her career is already STACKED.
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  2. Naturally is so smoooooth. A summer smash (in my dreams).

    Also the deluxe cover has Pokemon regional variant energy.
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  3. The parts in the tub gave a nice call back to "Ecstasy"; love the song and video a lot!
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  4. She is clinically unable to release bad music. Also, I don't know if her being on the back of the truck covered in red liquid serving deranged baddie was a conscious reference to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but I hope it was!

  5. Naturally is just perfect. Whew! Tinashe just keeps on delivering so effortlessly. Queen.
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  6. The ‘Texas Chainsaw but make it party’ video and the hazy summer sheen of the track itself make this such a joyful bop-worthy experience. She simply refuses to miss.
  7. OK wait but even the damn sheep were serving in this?

  8. My parents watching me in the school nativity.
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  9. The @Trinu 3.0 print!
  10. How she manages to release so many fantastic MV on an independent budget is beyond me and thriving ever since she got out of the RCA hellhole.
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  11. I much prefer the mix on streaming services than the mix used in the music video. but this song is absolutely phenomenal nevertheless
  12. I thought this was cute on first listen but I'm obsessed now. A sleek bop.

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  13. The slayage. I love her so much.

    Phew thank fuck I didn’t get the signed CD! She BETTA release this deluxe on physicals!
  14. dd i keep expecting her to sing

    I know you're coming back to me
    Or in Madrid

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  15. tea


    These back to back visuals for X And Naturally are on a whole other level like my brain is fucking fried yall

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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Naturally is great - I don't mean this insensitively to 333 because it's great, but this...is the best song? She never disappoints.
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  17. RJF


    Nope! Happy to have answered your question!
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  18. The album is excellent but Bouncin' and Small Reminders and Shy Guy remain on their own tier.
  19. "Naturally" fits in well with the sounds she defined in "Pasadena" and the second half of "Unconditional." All three of those live at the perfect intersection of pop and R&B.
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  20. To be honest, and maybe I just have Ariana on the brain, but Ari releasing Naturally would be huge. It fits so well with the soft R&B/pop sound of Positions. I’d really love Tinashe to do some co-writing with Ariana.

    yup yup yup. And she’s always been a pro at fusing pop and R&B. This Feeling and Ecstasy are classics!
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