Tinashe - BB/ANG3L

Tinashe always sounds great, but I feel like her vocals on this are a particular highlight. Maybe it's a bit because this does feel like a more lowkey release for her (it has neither the murderers' row of bops from Songs for You or the bracing experimentation of 333) and I'm struggling to find other things to fully grab onto, but she sounds so warm and confident with some really lush background vocal harmonies. It creates a really inviting and interesting contrast to the colder electronic soundscape and it sounds like she's just continuing to hone her craft - which to be honest she perfected two albums ago.

I think this album is ultimately too slight to fully compete with Nashe at her very best, but her confident, nimble delivery makes it a really enjoyable listen - most pop acts would kill to have an ounce of her talent. This album sounds like the product of her just having fun in the studio and going with the flow and not overthinking things, and while I prefer her more considered efforts, this is still a solid continuation of the Tinashe Sound™. I hope it will lead to something more substantive down the line though.
The lukewarm reactions here are understandable, but objectively wrong. I've had this album/ep/collection of songs on repeat most of the day and there are absolute career highlights here that sit among 2 On, Cold Sweat, Bouncin' SHY GUY to name a few.. Tightrope and Gravity, welcome to the family girls!

Also, Uh Huh might just be one of the most cunt thing she's done.
It's really indicative of Tinashe's power as an artist that she sounds incredible no matter what producers she links up with. Machinedrum, Kaytranada, Ryan Hemsworth, Metro Boomin, Dev Hynes, Stargate...

In my humble opinion, she never feels like a feature against other people's production styles. Her voice and vision shine through.
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This is so cozy, just warm and sensual, I’m in love. Treason, Uh Huh, and Gravity are my immediate standouts.

Whoever compared this to Raven was dead on, right down to promises of dance music only for the final package to deliver dance at its wooziest and most atmospheric.

I feel like if this was a proper full length album rather than half of one with at least two more full on bangers like Happy Ending/Contact the reception would be less tepid.
I can’t stop thinking about Uh Huh. If anyone else had that beat, they probably would have given us a by the number R&B mid-tempo. But somehow Tinashe manages to deliver something so evocative and off-kilter, like the song almost shouldn’t make sense but it does. It’s actually both scary and unfair just how good she is at what she does.

I say this all the time but stanning Tinashe is genuinely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
This is great, it's Tinashe of course. I'm a bit over the drum and bass tracks to be honest but I know this is a me issue since I associate it with early 90s UK vibes so whenever it's used in modern pop / R&B it feels a bit 'oh found this great drum and bass track pack wasss'.