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Tinashe - Nightride / Joyride

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Maybe @Beginner should've sent me a link to that instead of being cute...

    (Although the Dixie Chicks are bomb)
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  2. A much better use of your 3 minutes too, teebs.
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  3. It was a single released after Basic Instinct. There was another orphaned single called Sorry from that same time that's also stellar.
  4. Got Me Good is great, but it's not a high point in Baby Ci Ci's career, and Superlove tops it in every way. Praying the video can do the same, but it won't be easy.
  5. Need that KDA collab "Just Say" from a few weeks back to become a late Summer smash. It's such a great subtlebanger. Like a follow on from Fish Go Deep's "The Cure & The Cause"
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  6. My Instagram updated and it appears there are now "Instagram Stories".

    Who already had one waiting for me?

    Girl is on it..
  7. I always loved the idea that this guy hadn't just got her dancing but also was giving her bra problems. Surely, if your bra's too tight, it's not the fault of the guy you fancy? Girl needed to go down to M&S and have a proper bra fitting.

    Seriously, though, I do see the "Superbass" comparison. You can basically sing Superbass over the top of Superlove. However, Superbass is still a better song.
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  8. I actually hear this.
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  9. Hiding this because it may kill @strangekin.

    Look how flawless she is!
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  10. God I love this song, and Ciara.

    Who's Tinashe again?

    I kid, but really though, it's not an insult that super love sounds like Ciara. They are both mega-amazing.
  11. She really could be a model full time in case this whole pop star thing doesn't work out.
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  12. Love that RCA can blow $2 million on Britney for a video that was SCRAPPED, yet they can't even shell out a few coins to get Tinashe a radio deal because it's a "waste of money"?? Jesus fucking Christ.
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  13. "In case"
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  14. I'm still delusional enough to hope that things will work out eventually.
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  15. Well they put priority in the first half of the year into Zayn and apart from Pillowtalk (or [email protected] or whatever it is on the album), look at how that turned out.
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  16. I've been pushing this girl on all my unsuspecting friends for years now and I adore her but I'm not going to lie, I feel like it's starting to look embarrassing at this point. Still hoping she can turn it all around though.
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  17. RCA can barely buy Britney a banner on iTunes, they didn't spend $2 Million on anybody.
  18. Zayn mostly financed himself, RCA did got him Pillowtalk radio deal, but let's not act like they were investing their all in him. A big chunk of it is on him and his management.
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  19. I need this video to be great, and I need it soon. I want it to give me a huge sigh of relief, restore my faith in this saint, and push me to return to promoting the good word of T incessantly.
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  20. Most of the moves that have been made are from Tinashe and Mike and him having connections when he was at Universal Republic back in the day.All Sony wants from the album is something they can sell hence superlove tinashe wanted the album out last year hit single be damned but sony made her go back and re record the album.So I hope this gamble works and things fall in place and superlove does pop cause that is the only way joyride will ever get a release date.
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