Tinashe - Nightride / Joyride

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I really didn't like Superlove on my first few listens and it didn't grow on me until the video, and even now I'd probably still rank it pretty low. I like Flame, though, and could see it growing on me massively eventually. It's very Loud era Rihanna.

I love the post-chorus but that middle 8 is completely uneventful.
'Flame' wishes it were as good as a Carly song. The production in the chorus is just so limp.
I meant in its shameless embrace of the oft-derided 80's teen-pop aesthetic. You're right: Carly does this with far more finesse and artistry and whether it's "good" or not is certainly up to the listener. But in terms of pure "mood," it definitely captures that awkward school-dance majesty quite well. Again, this is not exactly Tinashe's steez, so I see why many don't care too much for it; at the same time, I guess I just don't find it threatening. She's made so much great shit already, a puffy piece such as this seems harmless.
It's already been said but this track is a bit bland and faceless for Tinashe. Don't get me wrong It's a perfectly fine pop track but this isn't the song that will make her smash, it's abundantly clear that RCA doesn't know what the hell to do with her. Give me more stuff like Nightride but I suppose this is supposed to be the "pop" album.

I'm still bopping to it though.
Right as I was coming to really enjoy this, it hit me that I could really hear Bonnie McKee release this and me be super disappointed that it would take her no where.

EDIT: I actually want Bonnie to release Bombastic: The Flame-Up and have this on there thank you.
Oh wow... so this is really the lead single? Tragic.

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