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Tinashe - Nightride / Joyride

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. I'm here for her in Avatar
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  2. So we are getting three new songs?? Whiplash stunning Tinashe.
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  3. I love this!
  4. Very Diamond Life.
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  5. @Laura Vanderbooben must’ve really threatened ha so she didn’t lose this thread.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I hope the failure of the prior singles hasn't made her think she has to abandon her pop dreams completely. I think she can still do pop music. It just has to be... you know... good.
  8. I don't want to jinx it but it kinda looks like her and her label almost have it together this time around.

    Here comes the smasha?
  9. So we’re getting just one song or three? Whatever it is I’m ready for her to obliterate my buss again.
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  10. Supposed to be three songs.
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  11. Here comes Tinasha
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  12. I hope that she abandons pop and becomes the alt-rnb chanteuse that she's meant to be.
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  13. Player was good.
  14. Her pop songs are just shit. Aquarius is what I'm expecting. Nightride was too niche.
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  15. Player was the type of pop sound she should be pursuing if any, but the record company had to be dumb as fuck and put Chris Brown on it. Now I just want her to stick with beat-heavy R&B. Time to fuck it up.
  16. Flame is the only real misstep for me. I ignore whatever that NFL nonsense was & the fact that there's a non-solo version of Player.
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  17. I do hope they are slowly starting to reposition her – I just don't think this endless, fruitless chase to be a mainstream R&B popstar is sensible anymore, and now there's actually a really healthy market for interesting, personal left-leaning female pop (SZA, Solange, Kelela, Noname, Lana, queen Cupcakke even) it would be dumb to ignore it, if she's not viable as a fully mainstream chart act. Which she clearly isn't.

    All of those are doing extremely well on the live circuit, critically acclaimed, and actually seem to sell some records, too. She's got the fanbase, it's just about harnessing it into something people can really dig into.

    cut to Friday and we get three 'Light The Night Up' reworks ddd
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  18. Her hoodie on the cover is a try hard fashion choice.
    Tribals? Some stuff should stay in the 90´s.

    I´m out if the music sucks again.
  19. You're going to jump ship partly due to a hoodie? Sis...
  20. No - I´m out if she serves stuff like "Flame" or "Light the night up".
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