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Tinashe - Nightride / Joyride

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Ghostwriting does happen and in music publishing I have heard it used for both writing under a pseudonym or not being credited. It can happen for a lot of different reasons, such as the ones I mentioned before. But yes a writer may accept a flat sum and not receive a credit. Often they will get an advance so it's not true that royalties are their only source of income. It can also happen if the writer is inexperienced and signed a really shitty contract or maybe for some sort of 'political' gain ghostwriting can have for their career.

    Who knows what the deal is with Tinashe. She's not credited on 'I Luh Ya Papi'. But I think it's quite common for there to be disputes over who wrote a song if its gone through several incarnations and concepts are reused without the exact same words. The music business is super shady as we all know.
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  2. Not everyone can have their Tulisa moment of regaining credit and royalties. Legends only.
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  3. It always kinda sounded like she just got royally screwed over in the case of I Luh Ya Papi dd
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  4. She never said she wrote I Luh Ya Papi. She just recorded it before J Lo.
    "Detail presented the record to me and I recorded the original version. It was definitely lyrically different."
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  5. You not getting what we say is a silly goose.

    Of course she'll be credited for Fifth Harmony and Kelela or whatever girlie album. I was thinking more of her contributing (say, a hook) to something like a Migos or Future or Drake project and not getting a credit because she's not super credible in those cycles or because they want to appear like they did all the work themselves don't like to credit many people. This has happened many times with many artists.

    One example is Samantha Fox writing on the second All Saints album with Nicole and Robbie Williams and then being told she's be paid a flat fee so she's not in the credits because she was a corny 80s pop star. And we only learned about this 1999 shenanigan twenty years later (via her biography that came out this year).

    Things like this happen all the time.

    Purely speculating, but Tina-sis has sold 89 albums in total and her last cowrite was That's My Girl? And she's gotten 67 'first' singles some with expensive videos and also 4 huge collabs in the last 3 songs alone. It's not that crazy to think she's bringing money elsewhere in a way we don't know about.
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  6. Hm no I get what you say I just think it's stupid and unlikely! Thanks.
  7. It's not like anything related to her career isn't still slightly budget and self-produced soooooooooooo
  8. She also recorded Gentleman by The Saturdays first!

    She's so 1995!
  9. Wait, I though Samantha was credited using an alias because the girls refused to use the song if her name was attached to it.

    what about Amelle getting a writing credit on Mutya's album ddd
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  10. OK, I slept on No Contest. It is the one.
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  11. Flawless track. Particularly around the 01:45 mark when she starts hitting them notes. Heaven.
  12. He Don’t Want It is so bedroom mixtape Tinashe. Easily my favourite of the new tracks.
  13. The hightlights for me are "He Don't Want It", "Stuck With Me" and "Salt". These tracks represent the kind of music she absolutely excels at and the reason why I love her.

    Unfortunately the rest of the album is very medicore. Nothing awful but just not up to the standards of what Tinashe is capable of. I was excited to hear "Joyride" the song finally but wow what an absolute racket. "Me So Bad" is the kind of basicness I do not want from Tinashe and the rappers on it only make things worse. There's potential in "No Drama" and "No Contest" but they don't quite get there for me.

    Pop Tinashe is just bland and boring and hopefully she will stop wasting her time on that and continue to do what she's actually good at. I mean if it's true that those 5th Harmony tracks were for her own album then...oh my.

  14. Just saw this performance.

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  15. SMG


    I've listened to this album through once and can't get past listening to anything else but Ooh La La now. Obsessed with it.
  16. Someone tell those dancers to put those fucking umbrellas away her lucks bad enough as it is.
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  17. On the second full listen through, this album is really remarkable. My only main critique is that the track listing could be adjusted a bit, but overall it's a really great album. I'm so proud of her. (Stuck With Me needs to be a single - if that even means anything at this point)
  18. Stuck With Me makes me wanna take off my clothes and twerk in the middle of the street.
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  19. This just keeps on growing on me as well as my overall love for Tinashe.
  20. Listened to Joyride for the first time and the only track that stood out to me was Stuck With Me. I will give it another listen though.
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