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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

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    19 year-old Tinashe, former member of girl group "The Stunners", has just been signed to RCA records. After releasing several videos and a free mixtape earlier this year, she got noticed by several labels and eventually settled on RCA.

    Not everything she's released is amazing, but she's definitely a complete package, and In Case We Die includes some of the year's best rnb songs (all self-penned as well). She just announced that she'll be releasing another free mixtape this year, entitled Reverie; its first single, 'Stargazing' was just unleashed too, and it's a tune and a half. Dreamy and euphoric, kind of like 'Climax' by way of Jhene Aiko. ANYWAYS, here are some of her videos, and a link to her A+ mixtape!

    Listen and download all of her music here. Also note the proper popstar sheen in 'This Feeling' - hopefully RCA does her right.

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  2. Mr.Arroz

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    Love her style.
  3. 3Xs


    I really like This Feeling. The video reminds me of K-Pop but just because that's the only other place these days you see people dancing like that in music videos. Though the song is sort of like a more Dream-ish version of Only One.

    Chainless is really good too. Her mixtape has some real bops on it.
  4. Chainless is my jam. Love her.
  5. In Case We Die is a good mixtape. I can't wait to hear her mixtape Reverie.
  6. Another Me is my favorite from Reverie.
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  7. In Case We Die is my favorite release of the year. Lush. The a cappellas especially...
  8. Everyone needs to download Reverie immediately - everything good about the first mixtape except even more polished and phenomenal. Her voice is so pop and smooth and it sounds so amazing on these smooth, futuristic jamz.

    And again, all of it written and recorded on her own!
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  9. Just found out she went solo today and excited. Although I'm sad The Stunners are no more - I loved almost all of their material. Their music was catchy as hell.
  10. Heres her video for for Ecstasy

  11. Continuing to deliver slick, sexy, polished products, better than major stars in the game. 'Ecstasy' is one of my favorite songs on Reverie, so I'm glad it got a video. It's exactly what the song needed too, something smooth and fluid. She's such a star.
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  12. I hope Niykee Heaton makes music like Tinashe. Also Tinashe talked about her upcoming album.

  13. I like the video,can't wait for her career to kick off.
  14. Oooh, Little Dragon and Metric. Great taste, Tinashe.
  15. 3Xs


    Okay just sat down and properly listened to ECSTASY. Wow. I'm feeling this majorly.
  16. I just listened to her mixtape, and WOW. I was not expecting this, Ecstasy and Stargazing are amazing!!
  17. She's working with man of the moment, Dev Hynes!!YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  18. Tinashe is incredible and both of her mixtapes are worth a listen. Also, do yourself a favor and take a listen to the Sammy Bananas remix of "Stargazing".
  19. Ooh, Dev is right up her alley. Still jamming to 'Ecstacy' by the way, definitely one of the best songs from last year.

    She also said there will be a third mixtape before the album, which is incredibly exciting.
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