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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.


    Feels like she made music for me specifically
  2. Not seeing much love for Story of Us.. one of my favourites, she's that girl.
  3. I haven’t taken this off repeat all day.

    It's just so confident and self-assured, in a way that she hasn't bodied since the debut. Knowing how hard she's come to get here makes every moment of posturing feel fucking earned and I've got the biggest smile on my face throughout.

    It was such a cruel twist of fate that after delivering an album on the level of Aquarius and her label subsequently deciding to posit her as something else entirely ... that genre suddenly came completely back in vogue and others were able to encroach on a space she had already excelled at and vacated. I fucking love Nightride and it houses some of my favourite tracks of hers but this feels like the follow-up we deserved after Aquarius.

    She should already feel ludicrously proud of this as a body of work and with everything surrounding it but if this was at least able to eclipse the sales of her RCA records (not hard, I know, but you get it) and remind people of the fucking talent on display, then she should consider this a complete fucking win.
  4. RJF


    Yeah, I felt such a weird sense of... pride when I was listening to the first time earlier today. I feel like she's been hustling harder than anyone for years and seen so little reward for it, so for her to get out of major label hell and, relatively, almost immediately produce something that so solidly represents her seismic talent and really illustrate that she should have been allowed to do this earlier, and that she could do it on her own, is amazing. What a treat to cap off the year with. I'm blown away.
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  5. Still hooked on Perfect Crime. It’s the one!
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  6. I’m so, so happy for and proud of her.
  7. I know this is beneath her but Link Up is one TikTok challenge from sailing to the Top 10.
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  9. I decided to give Songs For You a rest for a second as I’ve listened to it at least 3 times this morning and when I went to shuffle my music library, Bet came on. Tinashe can do absolutely no wrong.
  10. Jesus Christ Stormy Weather.
  11. In a way, it's almost weird to see the amount of support and goodwill being sent her way on social media right now. It's been awful to read the ridicule she's received over the last few years, continuously being the butt of the joke so often and her ridiculous amount of talent being slept on. To see her at number 1 on iTunes currently and rapidly climbing Apple Music feels like a massive cathartic fuck you to everyone that let her down or put her down over the years. From detractors, to industry folk and to those at RCA. I hope this is the start of the tide turning for her.

    The album itself is fantastic. I've been travelling for the best part of 6 hours and listened to nothing else but this. Going back to certain songs over & over (Feelings, Stormy Weather, Save Room For Us, Story of Us, Know Better). Songs For You encompasses everything that's so great about Tinashe. There's a range of genres and styles here but she weaves them together perfectly. From her hypnotic R&B numbers to the more abstract production styles and even nailing the Pop songs but on her own terms.

    I think this will be a real moment for Tinashe and do a lot of positive things for her in the weeks and months to come. Someone said it best that it feels like a course correction. I look forward to seeing what's next for her, she should be very proud of herself.
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  13. This album is fucking spectacular. I fell out of the loop with her around Joyride (only because the label drama was making me so frustrated for her), but this is such a brilliant statement of intent coming off the back of her finally leaving RCA in the dust. I couldn’t be more pleased.
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  14. Let’s talk about how cathartic getting this record/the positive reception/her being so happy/this whole release is for someone who follows her.
  15. Anyone else get major Mariah vibes from Touch & Go? Get ha on a remix!
  16. The hooks upon hooks of Story of Us!! Someone get it on the soundtrack of HBO's Insecure STAT!! I've gotten so used to written-by-committee pop music that it's almost jarring to see her sole writing credit on a majority of this album. She did this.
  17. Sorry if this has already been mentioned - is it true that Link Up, Feelings and Cash Race were meant for Nashe?
  18. Unsure about Cash Race but sounds likely. Feelings and Link Up both were; the second part of Link Up is actually another song called Naked that was meant for Nashe too.
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  19. Ok so my top 5

    Lifes Too Short
    Cash Race
    Perfect Crime
    So Much Better (despite G-Sleazy)
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