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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I’ll never not be pissed off at how her former label did her dirty and stifled her craft and talent. But I do like that she mentioned that the buck doesn’t stop at the label. Radio stations and the whole music industry down to the studs is so rigid and boxes artists, especially black artists, into such narrow categories.

    Anyone who’s a fan of Tinashe knows she’s always been vocal about being so fluid with her art that she never wanted to be put into just the R&B box. I’m just happy she’s now in a place where she can be the artist she wants and on her own terms.
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  2. Imagine being this pretty
  3. When I first listened to How Many Times I wondered why it was never a single -- it was catchy, sonically interesting to my ears, and had a big name attached to it with the Future feature. I might not have been big into pop when Aquarius was released, but it really felt like a track that should've gotten single status. It really is terrible that Tinashe saw that potential, only for RCA to go "meh" on it.
  4. Random but I just noticed that THE Tinashe has viewed my Insta Story?!!??? Update your binders ladies, me and Tinashe are besties!!!!
  5. So happy for you

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  6. An update on the Songs For You vinyl adventure:

  7. We're never getting this vinyl dd. I'm trying to figure out how they were even planning on shipping at the end of March if the vinyl wasn't even in production before the shutdown which was only a few days prior....
  8. It's funny that today I had to go to my dorm with my dad so we could completely move my belongings out, and I found my signed Songs for You CD on my desk. I'm so glad I didn't purchase a vinyl, ddd.
  9. WOW LUCKY YOU. (Hehe only kidding happy for you)
  10. In September they'll find another excuse 'oh the plants are full with Lea Michelle's 2nd Christmas album, but will be with you for Easter, promise xx'.
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  11. ffff this scammery. The shit quality of the CD probably means this isn’t worth it but after everything she’s been through, she can keep my coins.
  12. Isn’t the industry particularly squeamish when fully getting behind a black female pop star? The only black female pop megastars that come to mind right now are Beyoncé and Rihanna... who debuted almost decades ago. One of which is a makeup guru now. In that timespan, we’ve gotten debuts from C*mila, Dua, Halsey, pop Taylor, Ariana off the top of my head.
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  13. I don't care if the vinyl shows up in goddamn 2050, you whores will be paypigs for Miss Kaching!-We and you will fucking like it, you hear?
  14. I mean, even Beyoncé struggles getting radio play in the US. When it comes to Black artists, especially females, the industry is quick to put them in a box - from radio to streaming playlists to the GRAMMYs, you have to either be pop/R&B/“urban” and there’s zero interest in allowing an artist to crossover between genres. If one does, the powers that be are quick to dismiss them as ‘confusing’ or ‘unmarketable.’ Good ‘ol fashioned racism is alive and well.
  15. Her A&R at RCA was a disaster. She never stood a chance when their idea of a pop crossover is a Tricky Stewart/The Dream song released in 2016.
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  16. I really want to add another vinyl to my order now that they’re “in stock”, but can’t contact anyone at the company.
  17. They replied straight away when contacted about the vinyl like 4 months ago?
  18. lol I mean ok but Superlove and especially Company still slap harder than a school teacher seeing a student write with their left hand in the 50s SO
  19. They’re great and I love them but they had no commercial appeal at the time.
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