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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I really like Flame and I love Me So Bad.

    I also have a lot of time for No Drama.
  2. Tinashe cried when RCA forced her to record Flame so please stop traumatizing her by saying y'all like the song. It belongs in the trash like RCA.
  3. I personally think y’all gas the fuck out of “Faded Love,” but it’s still a great track.

    Anyways, let me mourn “Stuck with Me,” “Ooh La La,” and “No Contest” as the singles we never got.

  4. I don't know who "Gage Major" is (probably nobody) but I like his version better
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    All this mention of fucking Flame - Player is the true orphaned single. Yes it was released a few years before but I feel like it would have really helped liven up Joyride a little more, even though Faded Love/Me So Bad do enough.
  6. Player is genuinely incredible. I wish we got to see Joyride in all its original glory.
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  7. Player (no feature) should've been the crossover hit. It's massive and it is that bitch.
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  8. Flame isn't good in terms of Tinashe's discography, but it still fits with the 80's trend of recent years and stands as a fine song. Light The Night Up is just plain bad.
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  9. It makes perfect sense to me that Flame was co-written and produced by the same guys as Cut to the Feeling. It might have even been passable as a Carly B-Side. But a Tinashe song it ain’t.
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  10. There'll always be a special place in my heart for Popnashe, because she just does it so well. I second all the Player love but I've always thought that her proper "crossover" smash could've been All My Friends. It's intimate yet anthemic, melancholy yet joyful, and is an overall career highlight for all the artists involved in the project. Snakehips' production is so lush and expansive and I find Chance's verse to be really brilliant too.I was genuinely surprised with how it didn't take off in any way in the US, because of all of the flop songs we think should've been #1 for 53 weeks, this one seemed like it actually had a chance of doing that.

    Tinashe's vocals on it sound genuinely HEAVENLY (that middle 8!!!!) - some of the best pop moments right there in her delivery - and I felt like it pretty perfectly translated her icy-R&B sonic aesthetic into something that was accessible to a broader audience. I also feel like it accomplishes what so many of the "I hate partying!! everyone is so superficial!!! i'm so socially awkward!!!!" songs fail to do. The lyrics just.....HIT....different now than they did a few years ago.

    "We open with the vultures kissing the cannibals".....like wow. One of the best opening lines in a pop song in years. Actually, I think I'd go so far to say that All My Friends is one of the best pop songs in the past few years, period.

    Nashe....she is the moment.
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  11. Flame was worth it for this disastrous promo alone. Tinashe gyrating to Flame (a midtempo at best) next to a firetruck and half naked men dressed as firefighters in the middle of winter? Check.

  12. Her performance in this video is such a joyous moment:

    (and the only positive thing I’ll say about that forgettably brief period)
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  13. I feel like "Stuck With Me" should've been the lead single for PopNashe. Assuming that it would've been released in 2015 / 2016, it would've been released during that period when Felix Snow and his sound was having a bit of a moment. And it slaps.

  14. I still can't get forget when I was getting dinner with my family at a fucking McAlister's Deli restaurant and Player came on over the speakers. Whichever gay had the aux that day, thank you.
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  15. 'Tinashe on a FIRETRUCK to celebrate FLAME single' is giving me

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  16. Talking of PopNashe I never see enough love for this (basic) bop!!
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  17. I really do think Stuck With Me would have smashed in early 2016. Especially if they were able to get The Weeknd on it - I adore Little Dragon’s verse, but I feel like he would have been able to offer the same sound. Followed by Ooh La La, Player, and then Me So Bad. Ugh.
  18. No Contest is the crown jewel of Joyride. And teebs I think Me So Bad is more overrated than Faded Love.
  19. Wait what was the original Aquarius cover????? Or did I get it all wrong?

  20. one of her finest ah
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