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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. You just know the video is going to serve!
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  2. Nashe why are you doing this to me? Making me give that woman streams in 2020?
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  3. Can’t give her streams if you don’t listen to the song

  4. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.
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  5. Play Fight and Rascal are both doing pretty well. Play Fight is #3 on her page passing 2.1 million streams and Rascal is #5 with 1.5 million. Hope she has an album or mixtape on the horizon - the Iggy / JoJo songs should keep helping her exposure.
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  6. Just realised now that the 6 months have passed we can't claim PayPal refunds, as the order now looks as Completed, scream. Thiefashe, Scamashe, Stealashe won!
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  7. Well they just updated the vinyl as sold out on her store, so hopefully that means it’s coming soon. Sigh.
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  8. Good!
  9. That side profile pic of Tinashe Iggy posted on Instagram is album cover worthy!
  10. MAKJ remix of "Save Room" is the only thing I've listened to from her, minus the "Slumber Party" collab.
    No shade but is she worth giving a listen or am I not missing anything?
  11. Yes! She has one of my favourite discographies of any artist that debuted in the last decade. A good mix of pop and R&B since 2012.

    Maybe others will have specific recommendations, but I’d start listening chronologically beginning with her first mixtape In Case We Die. She has four mixtapes & four studio albums.
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  13. Pop blasphemy
  14. She really has fallen hard hasn’t she, yikes!
  15. I feel like she's well worth giving a listen to! If you like the remix of Save Room, then you might like Just Say (produced by KDA), but otherwise she has a really solid discography. @nooniebao has a great point with starting off on In Case We Die and working through chronologically!! Hope you enjoy! :D
  16. Yes, she is worth giving a listen. You are missing a lot.
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  17. She is one of the best pop/R&B stars working today. You are missing out. Please fix it, I beg of you.
  18. Imagine if she were to drop another project before the years out, a stan's dream. I'll even take Songs for You leftovers.
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  19. She has implied that she is working on something.

    I just need an album so that "Rascal (Superstar)" has a parent album.
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