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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. A video for The Worst In Me is coming, yes!
  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A BOP!
  3. K94


    I didn't know I needed this - perceptive queen.
  4. A Hallobop? Yes.
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  5. The way she's keeping us fed.
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  6. Tinashe truly is the queen of the quarantine my god!!!!
  7. It’s what one of the year’s best songs deserves.
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  8. It makes me laugh that Like I Used To & Throw A Fit turned out to be two of Tinashe's most popular songs on both Spotify & YouTube. Her label really fumbled the ball with the Nashe project.
  9. I’m so furious because Throw A Fit actually had hit potential too. If they did a cute video, a couple of performances, and then followed it up with Link Up things would’ve been so different. Oh well, happy with where she’s at now.
  10. tea


    With the upwards trend since Songs For You, I don't think a future hit is out of the cards for her. All it takes now is 1 TikTok trend nn
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  11. That's sweet - and, roughly, almost the same amount of time we have been waiting for our "Songs For You" vinyl.
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  12. Mentioning the Stunnerz and not the cover drama...
  13. Oh man I flew out to New York today 6 years ago and remember playing Aquarius on the flight and being FLOORED. It ended up soundtracking my entire holiday. Ugh, a classic!
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  14. Oh, tea?
  15. Tinashe wanted the back photo to be the album cover.
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  16. The Worst In Me getting a video? I am truly ascending, it's one of my favorite songs ever.
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  17. I wish there was a blank version of the back cover that I could use for my iTunes... But Aquarius is amazing. It honestly feels like it hasn't aged a day to me.
  18. [​IMG]
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