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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Where do we think the vinyls at
  2. In our collective imagination
  3. I truly regret ordering the vinyl at this point.
  4. Shut up bitch
  5. Sorry the Nashe jumped out
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  6. Maybe this was the Perfect Crime she was talking about.
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  7. Seeing the video of The Worst In Me is just a reminder of how it’s one of the best songs this year. I couldn’t imagine anyone else serving it like her though. The production is just sublime.
  8. not at:
    - the pressing plant
    - FedEx
    - our homes
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  9. RMK


    She was so ahead of her time.
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  10. Yes you better promo with those rich freaks!
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  11. Not Tinashé!
  12. She got RCA to update the cover art of Aquarius on Apple Music! It’s still the old one on Spotify.
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  14. Updated cover art for the Songs for You vinyl:

  15. Now get the mixtapes on streaming, queen!
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  16. My mailbox open and ready to receive it
  17. The original Aquarius cover would look gorgeous blown up on vinyl.... @RCA
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  18. The Songs For You cover would too! It would be really cool if she randomly sent those out to everyone who made a $20 donation to her last December.
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  19. This Aquarius (By Demand) energy, I love it! Although I wish the Aquarius text was on there too, but I guess that's RCA's way of still somehow managing to mess this up.
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