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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Oh god, it's sublime.
  2. Listening now!!!
  3. I literally started crying twice... In the middle of "Midnight Sun" and in the first ten seconds of "Just A Taste." This is definitely my mixtape of the year.
  4. Album of the year?
  5. Another knockout tape from Tinashe. She's just incredible. 'Midnight Sun', 'Stunt' and 'Ain't Ready' are my immediate favourites.
  6. My definitive Tinashe playlist:

    1. Ain't Ready (Intro)
    2. Vulnerable (feat. Travi$ Scott)
    3. Stunt
    4. Let You Love Me
    5. Stargazing
    6. Painted Faces
    7. Midnight Sun
    8. That
    9. Just a Taste
    10. This Feeling
    11. Middle Of Nowhere
    12. Ain't Ready (Outro)

    I realise I'm missing out some fan favourites, but these are my personal favourites and they flow so well into each other. Had this been her debut album it would have been the best of 2013.
  7. The good sis Tinashe just announced on Hot 97 that her debut single will be coming out in January(!), a mere two months after the release of one of the best free albums of 2013, Black Water.

    The single is called "Too On" and it features TDE rapper, Schoolboy Q. It's produced by DJ Mustard, and it's "more of an uptempo, West Coast club sound."

    She also confirmed that her debut album is pretty much done; she's done 4 songs with Mike Will Made It, other songs with Boi-1-da, & Dev Hynes. She said elsewhere that two of the Mike Will songs were "more pop" than she had done before.

    This is also a great interview. She's insanely driven. http://noisey.vice.com/blog/tinashe-black-water-interview

    I'm so excited for her, 2014 will be her year.
  8. This girl is so fucking talented! I just can't believe it. I discovered her just before Christmas and I felt like I was so late to the party. Her mixtape was flawless, I've yet to hear something I don't like from this girl. She just gets it. Hopefully this is her year.

    2 On is an absolute jam!

    EDIT: Apparently she's releasing 2 On on iTunes on the 21st to coincide with her 21st birthday. She's the same age as me? I'm suddenly questioning my motivation.
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  9. Makes me cry of perfection. It's like Partition on steroids!
  10. The Sean Paul sample is inspired. This has to smash.
  11. Why is it so perfect? Career defining/ making song right here.
  12. She is a genius and I've always believed in her! I am only now getting around to listening to her mixtapes and wish I had before. There's so much content, I need a week to process it all.
  13. I should be sleeping yet I'm posting the same thing again - this is so special. I hope the video is 100% dancing
  14. '2 On' is a BOP! I was concerned it'd sound like every other damn DJ Mustard song out there but the slinky R&B feel over the hard club beat is amazing. Her voice! Honey. Slay T.
  15. Oh it's the mustard guy ? I lolled when he was "supposed" to be doing Rihanna stuff, now I hope he does!
  16. Yeah it's him. I mean, the bit is a bit 'Rack City 5.0' but it works with Tinashe's voice and the little flourishes. I hope this pulls a "Body Party' on urban radio. However, I can see it generating hype but not necessarily chart positions, but I'm sure her 2nd or 3rd single will smash. This will attract the public.
  17. Really? I think this is a true certain smash. Her SOS, Crazy In Love etc. on my 13th play. The rap is kinda sexy.
  18. If she was a big pop player then I could see this pulling a 'Pour It Up'... but outside urban blogs and Pitchfork she's unknown. But to be honest, with US urban radio moving so slowly, it'll be May before this starts smashing and her profile will (should) be a lot bigger by then.
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