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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. I find it an interesting topic because I'm curious what sales are actually the "breakeven point" for artists. Like what's the number range for a project to be considered a financial failure?

    @lushLuck seems to have a good point, though, that even "flops" for major pop stars can maybe still make money. In any case, stars of the A-List caliber can probably still find coin through endorsements and they can just use music projects to build hype for endorsement deals. Don't they also get decent coin from streaming of their old material?
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  2. Tinashe when asked about the vinyl in an interview
  3. Aquarius (complete with By Demand mask artwork) has been my evening soundtrack of choice for the past week or so. It's still so good and such a perfect mood piece for night-time listening. Debut-nashe really did that.
  4. Like others have mentioned, once the sun starts doing down at 5pm, Tinashe is in heavy rotation (she always is, but I start playing her albums on shuffle more exclusively this time of year). I listened to all of her albums in order today and Songs for You really is my favorite body of work of her's. Her quality is so consistent but Songs for You is on another level. I actually really love Joyride more than I remember liking it when it came out. It's not as...fleshed out as her previous albums but that's actually what I like about it. I don't play her older albums as often because they feel like more of an experience that I have to sit and devote time to. The songs are longer and take more time to really unfold.

    Anyway, I’m really excited for more, she’s really thrived being independent. I think she's done an amazing job at adapting to the limits this year as put on artists, and I have full faith she'll deliver. It does suck that she hasn't been able to tour right as she was getting a running start with her new material.
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  5. Good News
    I just got an email saying my Tinashe - Songs For You vinyl is being despatched!

    Bad News
    Since it took so long it will be going to my work place where I usually get stuff delivered to (working from home). Sigh.
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  6. !! Yes same I just got an email too, and it’s a First Class as well nn.

    Our prostitutions have worked girls.
  7. Got my dispatch email as well, it’ll be a Tinashe holiday season x
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  8. Almost 11 months later but I actually got my Songs For You vinyl

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. why is her being on a political podcast making me scream ddd.

    Waiting for Tinashe to become the new head of the Democratic Socialists of America, yas.
  10. Imagine the gifs! Kamala found just bopping mildly.
  11. I still haven't got the email about the vinyl being dispatched

  12. Maybe because for tours you need people to attend? With all our love for her there sure isn’t much of demand for her shows really? Plus if she goes to the same places again and again many people would only go once?

    I don’t know really. She should snatch some opening gigs maybe when everything is back to normal?
  13. I mean almost every Tour For You date sold out within a few days. She’s renowned for being an electric performer - her shows will always do well as long as she keeps releasing music.
  14. Well, it's a vicious circle isn't it? If you don't tour, you don't get the opportunity to show people how good you are at performing live. Word of mouth is definitely a really powerful thing when it comes to touring, which is how artists can tour multiple times within a single era without even releasing anything else, but that word of mouth ain't going to spread unless you get yourself out there in the first place.
  15. Been a while since I've given this album a listen and this gets me every. time.

    'Nashe steady grindin', I ain't ever fallen off
    Switch on me, you never gonna get back what you lost

  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  17. Mine has been received by USPS so I assume it’ll be here today or tomorrow, the fact that it’s been almost a year is so damn wild to me while every other release basically had little to no issues even with everything going on.
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  18. I know it has been mentioned but the way I SCREAMED when I saw this email.


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  19. The way the MerchNow staff are going to have war flashbacks whenever they see the name Tinashe
  20. Received my vinyl today. I can't believe it.
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