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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Few of the ATRLers said that sides C & D are unlistenable.
    Mines been sat in London since Wednesday, so should find out soon enough.

    I much prefer the backend of the album, so this will be extra shit for me.
  2. Save Room for Us makes me ascend.

    I haven’t listened to my vinyl yet so hopefully the pressing isn’t shit.
  3. It's fab. Bit annoying to have four sides but we can't complain now can we.
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It sounded great on my first listen the other night.
  5. I was randomly checking out the credits for her songs on Spotify, and she doesn't have writing credits on 'Like I Used To' and 'Throw A Fit' which surprised me...particularly Like I Used To which I definitely thought she'd written.
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  7. Spotify credits are weird; they often change to omit certain writers and list others twice. Just checked Apple and they have Tinashe credited as a writer on both tracks.
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  8. Songs For You remains impeccable and probably is her best album. Everything about it, the music, the visuals, the energy, was just right. I love how she skates through icy R&B, trap, and a bit of dance inflected synthpop to deliver a really eclectic-yet-cohesive album. Tinashe is the blueprint.

    Also, Story Of Us doesn't get enough love.
  9. This discogs review:
  11. The way Songs For You took my favorite aspects of Nightride and Joyride and blended them into one of my favorite albums ever. Living legend.
  12. I definitely think Songs For You is her best album. The highs on Aquarius are hard to beat but it's definitely her most focused project.
  13. R**al Ma** telling me they won't deliver my copies of Songs for You until Wednesday in spite of me paying my fees as soon as I got the Shop notification (no waiting for their dusty ass silver card).

    images (8).jpeg
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  14. I just received the shipping confirmation email! God is a woman and her name is Nashe!
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  15. Why did I read this as Remy Ma nn

  16. Not sure who this person is but he's believable apparently.

    She changed her Instagram bio to 'What's next?' too (I think after that initial tweet), so it's safe to say she's coming.
  17. Christmas &... Jive?
  18. Let me bring this back real quick:

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  19. RMK


    Hm. JoJo?
  20. Cutfather & Joe - her Full Moon is coming.
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