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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. A song called Pay Me leaked recently. It samples Jumpin’, Jumpin’ by Destiny’s Child.
  2. Every passing day RCA Records has more and more to answer for.
  3. On God, RCA will pay for shelving Nashe.
  4. This slaps.
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  5. I'm so glad we got the album we did in the end but all of the Nashe songs fucking slap. Pay Me, Throw a Fit, Link Up, Fashion Nova... Her hot girl summer moment.
  6. I've just received my copy of Songs For You. Sorry, I'm late. Hehehe.
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  7. Was letting my spotify shuffle through my liked songs while doing some online shopping and I forgot how fucking gorgeous Far Side Of The Moon is. Whew.
  8. tea


    OH MY GOD. Nashe was done so wrong.
  9. I’m Every Woman out 2/26

  10. 2014

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  11. Having one of those days where I wished Amethyst was on Spotify. She deserves my streams!

  12. "Wrong" is one of my favorite Tinashe songs of all time and it's annoying that I can't stream it on Spotify to give her coin for that masterpiece.
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  13. Speaking of Nashe, Throw A Fit has 55 Million plays on Spotify which is difficult to get not everybody has that.
  14. And Like I Used To is at 36.5 meaning the Nashe project is almost at 100 million streams with only two songs. A streaming behemoth.
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  15. (It’s actually infuriating they weren’t able to release Link Up as the third single because it would have actually smashed nn)
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  16. Nn stans really are starting up their own magazines huh.
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