Tinashe - Songs For You

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I hope Tinashe pulls an Ariana Grande and releases her bigger-sounding, poppier sophomore effort less than twelve months after her debut.

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Just bought tickets to her show in Melbourne next month. I need to hear Bated Breath and Aquarius (the song) in particular live.

I've just seen she'll be playing when I'll be there, so I might grab a ticket as well.
I wouldn't be against that if it happened, though.
Neither would I, although I really don't want her to descend into generic/faceless pop. Aquarius is one of the albums of the decade for me - it's that good. I have faith in her to blow everyone else of the map with her next effort.
This is what her second album should sound like: [video=youtube;aBn7bjy9c4U]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBn7bjy9c4U[/video]
Also, more Dahi, Blood Diamonds, Sango, Cashmere Cat and Boi-1da. Bring back Jacques Greene and Ryan Hemsworth for some dance songs too!
I want more Stargate + Cashmere Cat tracks. Sung by Tinashe or anyone else. They make a killer combo.
I revisited the album today and it really is almost all killer, even Thug Cry has grown on me. I can't believe that 2 On still isn't huge in the UK yet, what's taking so long?!
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