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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. "2 On" is a jam. Wonder if they'll switch out the rap feature if it starts gaining traction on radio.
  2. No it's amazing as it is.
  3. Am shocked at how soon she's releasing this after the Black Water but I'm not complaining, I'm really happy with that and the song is amazing.

    You should, they're all really good!
  4. Can someone explain to me what 2On means?
  5. I absolutely LOVE what she did with the instrumental of Britney's 'Blur'. She's incredible.

  6. At least she realizes that Blur is one of Britney's best songs, and the best song off of Circus.

    She needs to get with Danja.
  7. it's more like "too on" - "on" being intoxicated... "too on" meaning more intoxicated
  8. What she did to that Britney track just shows how talented she is. Great stuff! And I didn't know she could dance either? Is there an end to all of her talents?

    Looks-wise she's like a mix between Wynter Gordon and Jade from Little Mix.
  9. Now on iTunes US! Buy and support a sis. This needs to start climbing the charts, getting good streaming points, radio play etc. Can't flop.
  10. Tinashemale! Dead dead dead.
  11. I'm glad someone appreciated!
  12. So what's everyone's favorite Tinashe jams? Some of these really have to grow on you, but after a lil bit of growing they are GROWN.

    I think my favorites are
    2 On
    Who Am I Working For
    1 For Me (godaaammmmmI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY)

    She's so consistent though, there's a lot of tracks that are pretty amazing.
  13. My favorite Tinashe songs are
    1 For Me
    2 On

    She's so great. I need her in the studio with Mike Will.
  14. I came across her a few months ago and for some reason never thought to look into her, but 2On is great. I'm just working my way through her EPs for the first time now - Black Water and Midnight Sun are beautiful.
  15. My go-to T tracks would have to be:

    Let You Love Me
    This Feeling
    Middle Of Nowhere

    I love her so much!
  16. Mine are: Yours
    This Feeling
    Secret Weapon
    My High
    and now 2On
  17. BML


    Just purchased! Still obsessed with this.
  18. Surprised to see this at #52 on UK iTunes. I thought she'd fly under the radar completely over here. Get that top 75 smash though!
  19. 2 On randomly appeared in the singles section on iTunes so I was curious as, for some reason, I'd always thought Tinashe was the name of some tacky girl band that this forum was clamouring over.

    Absolutely gobsmacked.

    The song is astounding, giving me sultry, sexy Cassie vibes and gorgeous.

    I look back a page to see what people have been saying about her music, who's interested in her and the general chit chat and there's a Britney Spears - Blur instrumental song that's quite probably on a par with the original.

    Dead on the floor.

    Absolutely amazing.
  20. So got turned onto her after Katy B did a live mashup of Vulnerable with Drunk In Love. Why didn't I know her? When does she have an album coming out?
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