Tinashe - Songs For You

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Aquarius video
Directed by Tinashe (aka home-made)
What the hell is wrong with the audio in the video? I genuinely like the song now thanks to the video, though! Her dark hair was a good idea. 0:16 was like seeing Aaliyah reincarnated.
The audio is indeed messy but the video isn't that great either. I don't blame her though - it's homemade with zero budget put into it.
It's like all her early videos, DIY. I've always appreciated how much work she's put into her music even with 0 budget.

Yeah, that's true. I've only seen the Ecstasy video out of all the songs/videos from her mixtape, not sure if she directed the video herself.
The new Aquarius video doesn't look great but I also like how she's always dedicated to her work.

Bright Light Bright Light is opening for her on her little mini UK tour.

Who?? Anyway I'm assuming that he is a good artist?
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