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Apologies if it was already mentioned but a version of No Contest leaked featuring Jeremih. It works so much better solo, so thank god he got removed. It features a few different production flourishes and alternate vocals but it's really nothing special.
I'd love a Tinashe + Jeremih collaboration, but you're right; "No Contest" is much better solo.
Nightride is without a doubt in my top 5 albums of all time.

And for those who care about last.fm stats it will without a doubt become the first album to hit 100+ scrobbles on each track.
There was a period in time when 'Black Water' and 'Reverie' were combined into an "album" called Tinashe, and released onto Spotify. This was early 2016 I think.
I remember that! My friend told me because she knew I listen to Tinashe. At least her Last.fm placement went up for me.
She is playing Mimi on Fox's Rent Live


Tinashe as Mimi Marquez: Tinashe is an award-winning hip-hop and R&B recording artist, songwriter, and actor. Tinashe began her career acting, landing recurring roles on Out of Jimmy’s Head and Two and a Half Men, before making the leap to music. She, too, competed on Season 25 of Dancing With The Stars. Following the success of her hit single “2 On,” Tinashe has since released two albums, Aquarius and Joyride, and has appeared (as herself) on the Fox drama Empire.
Not open for further replies.