Tinashe - Songs For You

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The song is out:


Charli's parts are quite annoying but the song is dope!
I like it. Sounds a bit manufactured, like label execs thought "Ty $ Sign! Tinashe! Ok let's add a Mustard-esque beat for urban radio play and Charli XCX for pop radio play!" but it's cute and I think it would fall a bit flat without Charli.
Drop That Kitty is a jam! She sounds amazing.

My best friend got me tickets to go down to Heaven and see her next month for my 21st birthday yesterday, BUZZING for it.
I'm surprised by the praise for Tinashe's vocals. I mean, don't get me wrong, she sounds great, but bar a few ad libs, she's just mimicking Charli's delivery in a Rihanna/Sia - Diamonds kind of way.
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