Tinashe - Songs For You

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I'm watching this now as it's airing on TV, and... Tinashe is basically the weak link vocally in the show along with the person playing Angel. Quite unexpected and a little sad, to be honest.
Sis, are we watching the same show? I think she did a quite decent job tbh. Valentina (Angel) was definitely the weak link.

While she has a good voice which I normally enjoy, it just didn’t seem nearly as powerhouse as others…and a bit pitchy in parts (could have been sound mixing?). That all being said, we basically watched Saturday's dress rehearsal, so I assume everyone was probably holding back some for their big moment on Sunday that just didn't come.


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I keep seeing conflicting reports of how she did last night and now I'm just sitting here like...

Why did it have to be the guy she spends the most screen-time with who broke his ankle? Why would a live musical theatre production being prepared for a nationwide broadcast not have an understudy available? Why won't the goddamn universe just let her SUCCEED???

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