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Tinashe - Songs For You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Because you never listen to me.
  2. Whoever said Aaliyah in the last page YES. It's been almost 15 years but she is the first one that approaches her effortless coolness and sensuality. This girl is amazing, where is her album, I want to throw my coins at her.
  3. She is very Aaliyah especially on 2 On, Vulnerable, Who AM I Working For etc

    I submitted Chainless to the PJSC and it flopped. If only the people of the contest knew about how good she is (I am a sucker for Chainless though).

    I was a Stunners stan I was.
  4. This post made me so happy! Tinashe is just amazing.
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    "2 On" is fucking YES.

    Turned so many people onto it, breezy.
  6. '2 On' went for radio adds last week. Hopefully it starts taking off.
  7. It SHOULD!
  8. I dunno if anyone will know Hannah Lux Davis by name (google her), but I'm pretty sure she is directing the 2 On video.

  9. 2 On is so good. DJ Mustard beats can be really same-y, but this is fantastic regardless.

    Vulnerable is still amazing. Probably my favourite song I've heard from her. I've had the Black Water mixtape in my iTunes, I should give it a deeper listen. I like the producers she's worked with, and I hope she works with Ryan Hemsworth some more.

    Why? Schoolboy Q is pretty hyped up in the rap world right now (his album is set to debut at #1 this week). Having his name on this track is going to get this posted all over hip-hop blogs. (Not that she/this song needed much help!)
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  10. 2 On is incredible and it will probably be huge (let's hope it's not a 'Me & U' situation).
  11. Same. I'd no idea who Tinashe was until Katy B covered her song.

    2 On is absolutely brilliant.
  12. I've listened to Black Water (the song) about 15 times in the past week and am still not bored...
  13. I know this post is old, but I've been waiting for someone to ask this!

    My faves:
    Crossing the Cosmo
    Just A Taste
    Midnight Sun
    This Feeling
    1 For Me

    Speaking of 1 For Me, there's a different version of the song on Ryan Hemsworth's album that has a new verse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBaWVmm1XNQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    P.S. Why are we waiting so long for the 2 On video? Next week sounds like a perfect time to drop it, just in time for spring. At the rate this campaign is going, expect an EP this year and an album next year.
  14. Any artist who doesn't go top ten instantly I expect a heavily delayed EP from to be honest.
  15. http://vevo.ly/DHqdkS

    The video for "2 On" is finally here. Her dancing is on point and she looks so hot.
    The song is still my jam. Really one of DJ Mustards best work.

    She said in a previous interview that her next Single will be a collab with A$AP Rocky. Can't wait!
  16. THANKS! Let's embed too:

  17. I really like the music video, but I was hoping it would be slightly darker and sexier. It's a bit too carefree for such a gloomy sex jam.
  18. I agree
  19. Yeah me too, I was hoping for something sultry filled with shady imagery.
  20. Anathema

    Anathema Guest

    Ugh I love her music so much. "Who Am I Working For?" is so stunning. She's the best of the new hipster urban gorls.
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