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PRESS RELEASE: Tour dates for Grammy-nominated Iggy Azalea’s The Great Escape Tour, have been rescheduled due to tour production delays.

To accommodate for creative team availability and tour production plans, it was determined that the tour will not be ready this Spring.
It is extremely important to Iggy that she delivers the show she envisaged to share with her fans and that requires more time in development. Instead, The Great Escape Tour will take place beginning Friday, September 18 in San Diego, CA. Please see below for full details.
Tickets for the originally scheduled tour dates will be honored on their city’s rescheduled date.

Opening acts for the rescheduled tour will be announced shortly, replacing previously announced special guest Nick Jonas and support act Tinashé.

Iggy’s concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills is now scheduled for Saturday, October 3.
Since those acts didn't help tickets, what did you expect. It's probably more of a 'must find bigger draws' / or find openers much cheaper (since this was not paid slots I guess). A mess.
I just got back from her gig in Berlin and whilst she was amazing;
1) No one seemed to know any of her songs (most people didn't even sing along to 2 On?!)
2) She deserves a bigger venue
3) The show flew past. She has way too much great material that it felt like SO much got looked over.

I can't wait to see her again someday soon.
I'm gutted that I backed out of getting tickets last minute! Next time I'm definitely going.
I must say, I'm surprised hearing from people that she doesn't perform Feels Like Vegas especially as it's a fan favourite
Everyone was singing alone in Paris, to every song.
I took a pic of the setlist before it started and CRY'D at no Feels Like Vegas, my favourite song.




I got the 3 mixtapes and the signed Aqua plus the Logo shirt.
I like how they called it Bet On It on the setlist... its true name.

I also like the Vulnerable love, my favourite song. I need to see her live.

The Bated Breath video though............... its like one of those Youtube Poop videos?
Pretend is among my fave songs EVER (so heartbreaking) but she'd be in a much better position if she released Vegas with Pretend's video budget.
Am I the only one truly amazed that she self-produced/recorded these three pre-Aquarius mixtapes? They are truly (production-wise) on par with her major label debut. I love listening to them knowing it was just Tinashe alone in her room getting high and making them.
She's releasing a new seven-track mixtape called AMETHYST next week.



1. Dreams Are Real
2. Wrong
3. Something To Feel
4. Looking 4 It
5. Wanderer
6. Worth It
7. Just The Way I Like You


I first thought the mixtape was about Iggy.
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