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TINI - "Cupido" (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. It's #1 on Spotify now and sitting at 25 million views on YouTube. It's getting bigger.
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  2. Yes. It surpassed every expectation i had already. It's a huge smash, im shocked. Smashing on both Youtube and Spotify, i didnt see it coming. Just in time for the release of her next single "Oye" with Sebastian Yatra this Friday and her 4 Luna Park shows!
  3. 'Oye' is the biggest Spanish video (3rd overall) on Youtube right now according to Kworb!

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  4. I don't like it at all but it's more directed to Yatra sound and fans.
  5. Fresa is #1 and Oye #2 on Spotify Argentina. She is having her biggest year yet.
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  6. Im genuinely shocked. I was convinced 22 was a fluke but these two songs STOMPED all over it. Oye is even charting on Global Spotify!
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  7. I think she is our biggest popstar at the moment, her appeal is bigger compared to Lali, J Mena, etc. She really got all the demographies.
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  8. She truly is. I always believed in her. The first album smashed internationally for Argentinian acts standards but lowkey flew under the radar here, but ultimately what i expected ended up happening. She sold out 5 Luna Park dates and just added another 2 for late November, which i think have massive chances of being 4 dates since she did two shows a day this time!
  9. I don't know why she doesn't do promo outside Argentina. It's high time she did it!
  10. She's lowkey starting to get to work on that. I think things will fully blossom for her later in the year when her Disney+ show with Yatra premieres. It will have an original soundtrack as well, and im sure Disney will be shipping her ass all over the world to promote it like they did the Violetta movie!
  11. New single 'Recuerdo' with Mau y Ricky. Getting more and more excited for her 2020, i can feel great things are coming her way!
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  12. Recuerdo slaps! Is she releasing an album anytime soon?
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  13. I just read an interview she did today, she said there is not a date yet, but that it is planned for the beginning of the year. She said March, April or May, more especifically!
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  14. The song is already being played at the clubs here. She is the queen in our country.
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  15. 'Recuerdo' is fantastic and quite different for her.
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  16. Absolutely. She has Argentina wrapped around her finger right now. It actually became cool to like her, i'm impressed. Most local females never get to that point!
    I agree. I didnt really like it at first, but once it grows it is quite fantastic. I also didnt like Fresa at first, i was convinced it was going to bomb, and we saw how that one turned out!
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  17. She was the #1 TT on Twitter Argentina today because of the teaser of her new video:
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  18. Interesting she worked with Khea. He has a song with Kali Uchis which is very good too.
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  19. New snippet. It will reference several songs from TINI's repertoire it seems. A few lyrics they have been sharing on Instagram include references to Fresa, 22, Oye and Princesa.
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