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TINI - "Cupido" (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Speaking of, i could use an L Gante collab.

    It seems like Sony will invest hard on her (even though Hollywood Records is sadly still her main label). So far we know she has collaborations booked with Danny Ocean, Manuel Turizo, Lola Indigo + Belinda, and Bizarrap
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  2. I'm living for the Belinda one. Iconic.
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  3. #1 on Spotify Argentina with 500K+ (biggest debut of the year so far)
    -her third #1 after Fresa and Oye

    #1 on Spotify Uruguay
    -her first #1 there

    And it also entered the Global Spotify chart with 800K+
    -her 3rd entry on the global chart after Sad Song and Oye
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  4. Impressive numbers. The song is a hit.
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  5. Finally Top 10 in Spain!!!

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  6. Still reaching new peaks. Up to #47 on Global Spotify yesterday, and #50 on the weekly chart.

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  7. Debuts at #3 on ARG Spotify.
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  8. I had 0 faith on this remix, but it looks like it could be High Remix sized which is a lot. This is truly TINI's year, even moreso than the previous two!
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  9. This dethroned Que Más Pues for a few days now. It's #1 on Argentina Spotify. This could one of the biggest hits this year.

    She has another collab with María Becerra. María said is a huge song.
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  10. Lola Indigo X Tini X Belinda out now

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  11. Tini is best part of the song but it's very bad sadly.
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  12. Its underwhelming at first but after a few listens it gets stuck in your head. I might actually like it the most of the 3 songs so far!
  13. That Tini reign just won't let up

    She's performing at Premios Juventud on July 22

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  14. Signing with Sony Music Latin is arguably the best thing to happen to her career since starring on Violetta. Everything about this era is serving imperial phase!
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  15. Tomorrow she'll be performing at Premios Juventud, which will be her debut on a major award show
  16. The song is finally starting to happen in Mexico and Colombia, so its reaching new peaks on the global charts!

  17. New single out tomorrow:

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