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TINI - "Cupido" (Feb 14 + Album Feb 17)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alestevens, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. TINI TINI TINI (3rd album):

    On December 3rd, 2020, her 3rd studio album and 2nd self-titled effort came out. It's most definitely her biggest era so far, further establishing her as Argentina's biggest force in pop music. 22 lead the airplay chart for National acts for over 20 weeks, Fresa spent 28 days atop the Spotify Argentina chart, and she self-replaced at #1 with Oye too.

    'Quiero Volver' (2nd album):

    Her 2nd album, 'Quiero Volver', came out on October 12th, 2018. It became her first album to feature collaborations with more well-known figures in Latin Music, and helped TINI establish herself as a hitmaker in her native Argentina. This album spawned a massive tour, which had her breaking the female record at Luna Park, the most iconic concert venue in Argentina, by booking 9 shows with the same tour. Before the pandemic, she had also became the first national act to sell out Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, but the show had to be cancelled.

    'TINI (Martina Stoessel)' (1st album):

    So Martina Stoessel (the star of hit Disney series "Violetta") has released her debut album on April 29th, as well as her movie "Tini: El gran cambio de Violetta". The movie's soundtrack is part of the album, which has 2 discs: One with her solo music and the other one with the music from the movie!

    The album is called "Tini (Martina Stoessel)" and it's available on iTunes, Spotify, Vevo, among others, right now!

    Album Cover:



    Disc 1:

    1. All You Gotta Do
    2. Great Escape
    3. Still Standing
    4. Got Me Started
    5. My Stupid Heart
    6. Don't Cry For Me
    7. Finders Keepers
    8. Handwritten
    9. Solo Dime Tu (All You Gotta Do)
    10. Sigo Adelante (Still Standing)
    11. Si Tu Te Vas (My Stupid Heart)
    12. Lo Que Tu Alma Escribe (Handwritten)

    Disc 2 - "Tini: El gran cambio de Violetta":
    1. Siempre Brillaras (Born To Shine)
    2. Se Escapa Tu Amor (Losing The Love)
    3. Yo Te Amo A Ti (I Want You) ft. Jorge Blanco
    4. Confia En Mi (Hold On To Me)
    5. Born To Shine
    6. I Want You ft. Jorge Blanco
    7. Light Your Heart (performed by Jorge Blanco)
    8. Losing The Love
    9. Siempre Brillaras (Acoustic)
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  2. Not a fan, but since her and Lali Esposito are the main competitors in Argentina and Martina likes Beyonce I assume she will have an album that will be a mix between Lali and Beyonce. Something to dance along to but still appropriate for her kid fans.
  3. I'm not sure if Tini would make a good popstar or not. She definitely has a very solid fanbase and with Disney backing her up I'm sure she'll have a successful debut album campaign, but she's not the strongest performer. It'll be interesting to see how far she can take this popstar route.

    Personally, I wish it was Lali getting all this international attention instead.
  4. Lali's album is pretty much a mix of pop music and Beyoncé already. Beyoncé is one of the favorite artists of both Lali and Martina!

    She has said she really prefers to be a musician over being an actress (although she has no plans of abandoning acting) so i'm expecting her to be really invested in this. Her live vocals are getting better and she's used to doing choreographed numbers, so i hope the campaign turns out well!
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  5. A lot of news regarding this album came out since i opened this thread:

    -She filmed 2 music videos with Philip Andelman, who directed videos like "Halo" by Beyoncé and "What's My Name?" by Rihanna
    -Dreamlab, who are best known for working with Selena Gomez, are producing most of the album
    -She worked with one of the writers of "The Climb" (by Miley) on a song called "Born To Shine"
    -She worked with one of the songwriters of hits by the band Westlife on a song called "Losing The Love"
    -She worked with one of the songwriters of "Same Old Love" (by Selena) on a song called "Hold On To Me"
    -She worked with the songwriters of "Wrecking Ball" (by Miley) on a ballad
    -She is working with Claudia Brant in some Spanish songs. She is best known for working with Luis Fonsi in songs like "Quien Te Dijo Eso?" y "Corazon En La Maleta" and Ricky Martin in "Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tu" y "Mas"

    And the movie comes out in May 4th in some countries, so we should be getting the trailer and most likely the first single along with it not too long from now!
  6. Since the last update, Tini gave us the album cover and the release date of the album (April 29th), and gave us the cover and name of the lead single (comes out in March 25th, 9 days from now). She also gave us a sneak peek of the song. All of this info is already included in the first post!
  7. The music video for "Siempre Brillaras" is out. "Siempre Brillaras" and "Born To Shine" are both out on iTunes and Spotify. The album preorder and the tracklist are out as well!

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  8. The vocal production is a bit off during the verses, isn't it? It sounds oddly muted. It's not a very good song anyway.
  9. I don't know, i think it's meant to be that way, quiet in the verses and then it reaches the loud chorus. I liked it, but i know it's probably a bit too cheesy for casual listeners to enjoy!
  10. I actually really enjoy the track, but I feel like it's more due to my masochist soft spot for this sort of cheese, rather than the song being properly good.

    The video's got some truly inspired bits. I really like the car that is cut in half and the bit where TINI does her Jesus walk on a fountain.
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  11. Yeah, that thing about the video pretending to be a video shoot but letting you see behind the scenes stuff was really adorable.

    Also, there's a snippet of "Confia En Mi" in the movie trailer too. I'm really looking forward for that one. You can listen to it at 1:19 if you want to!

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  13. Me too. That's the main thing keeping me perched. I have a feeling there'll be plenty of throwaway bops on TINI's debut.
  14. At first I was like "What's this crap?" But then I clicked on her music video and I really liked the song. It really is catchy and with a really nice message. Or maybe this is indeed crap don't know, but the lyrics really gave some hope for my depressed life so I'm into her. She really is pretty, she seems special.
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  16. The music video for "Born To Shine" is out:

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  17. Sigo Adelante sounds incredible!
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  18. It really does. I'm liking everything from this album so far. My favorite is Confia En Mi!
  19. I havent listened to anything yet except the little preview of Sigo Adelante and if everything is as amazing as this song then count me in. I hope she breaks in the USA, would love to see her more.
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  20. I loved everything i heard from it. And it's out this Friday already, it's just around the corner. And yeah, i hope there's some international promo lined up once she finishes the movie's promo tour!
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